1st Place Winner Hornsea Music Festival 2024

Akyn’s first half of the year is the busiest time with his piano endeavors because most of the music festivals he usually joins happen during those months plus he got his yearly performance to be graded so he can proceed to the next level of his piano competence.Yes, kids who study piano here in the UK are required to sumbit themselves for an exam before they can proceed to the next grade.With all those tasks mentioned, my Akyn never complained of being exhausted.He’s always looking forward when Miss Mila,his piano teacher would come to start for another lesson.Sometimes, we would ask him if he wanted to cancel his music lesson to rest for the week but this kid love for music is so strong that he will never wanted to miss any of his practice sessions. I guess nothing can stop when kids find their passion in life and that’s music for my boy.

Weeks prior to the scheduled competition we shopped for a decent outfit for Akyn to wear. Always dress right for the occassion as they say. He absolutely looked so smart with his formal attire.OMG!My boy is growing so fast that he looked like a little fine man in these photos.

Photos taken hours before his big day.He was already feeling so nervous at this moment though he still managed to give me a perfect smile for his Mami’s photo op.(LOL)

The perfect view in Hornsea where we parked our car just before heading to the church where Akyn will be playing his pieces.

Moments before his name was called as he was the last performer for his category,his hands were both sweaty and cold.He said he felt nervous but was excited to play.That’s the spirit baby.Don’t let fear hinder your dreams.He is just eight but brave enough to stand in the crowd to share his God given talent. Thank you dear God for being with Akyn’s journey all through out the competition.

We were all celebrating upon hearing his name as the first placer during the first set of the contest. He was competing with kids aging eleven years and below which made us proud that at a very young age he can manage to compete with kids older that him.Other participants were very good as well so when it was his time to play,Miss Mila kept on reminding him to play from his heart and everything follows. And yes, she was right. He did aced the race because he used his heart and love for music.Thank you Miss Mila for supporting Akyn in every step of the way.

Posing with another piano coach during the competition.Everyone was celebrating with us. My heart swells with happiness seeing people’s reaction whilst he’s performing.

It’s his first time receiving a medal because it was usually only a trophy and a certificate given to participants.We were planning to have his medal engraved to serve as a remembrance on this beautiful day.

He still got another set to compete at six PM. We decided to eat our take away food in the car rather than going somewhere.The view where we parked our car was so relaxing perfect for Akyn to be ready for the next session.

We are so proud of you Palangga and we will forever support you as much as Mami and Dadi can.We love you Akyntoot.

We took some shots before going back to the venue.

Our boy took this shot, just in time perfect for our wedding anniversary photo of 10 years in the making. This day is the best gift we have received for our anniversary the following day. I can’t ask for more.

Guess what, he won again on the second category he joined. Posing with two trophies and medals to show how much effort he put in.Akyn definetly deserved it. We were so much overjoyed during this day. If you’re a parent like us you would understand how much happiness we felt for our son.Thank you so much Lord for the enormous blessings bestowed unto us.

During our anniversary date when Akyn was in school, Mon and I decided to surprise him with a proper piano. He deserves to get this reward at the same time supporting his journey to his musical life.The sales manager was also a pianist and he was so nice giving us tips what’s the best piano for learners that will serve them until they grow old.As long as this piano will still work, this will be Akyn’s music buddy to play with.Big toys,big dreams for a boy with a big heart to music.

Have a lovely start of the week pretty Mommas.

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