Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Two years ago, I've been looking forward to be present in all of my Akyn's school activities. Wanted to do school supply shopping with him, excited to participate and watch him perform during school programs, pick him up from school, be his personal tutor and the list continues. Who would have thought an opportunity like this to pursue my profession would unexpectedly knock into my peaceful mommy life which changed everything I've already planned for. But I'm more than grateful for this sudden twist of fate of mine. Last weekend was my Akyn's first field trip activity. Another missed event... Read More


August is almost ending and I only managed to create two posts for my blog. What happened? I used to create as much as fifteen articles per month when my site started to gone live but now I'm struggling to finish even one post. Dear me! I'm always at work pretty mommas doing overtime shifts. I'll get bored anyway if I'll spend four days off doing nothing. That's what happens when you're away from your family where your mind will only focus to do more extra work rather than sulking in the dark. Am I correct or am I REALLY... Read More

Always A Beginner

Gloomy weather for the rest of the day this week and so do my mood is. To lift my state of my mind I kept on replaying the video of Coldplay in collaboration with Queen Bey singing Hymn for the Weekend. I find the RnB beat and the message of the song both interesting. One of the song's line says, "LIFE IS A DRINK and LOVE IS A DRUG. Oh yeah, definitely life is drink but it will depend on you what fluid will you take in be it the irresistibly sweet one or the bitter taste which can make... Read More

Surviving Living In A Foreign Land

I always do have that perception in the past that if people will work abroad especially in western countries, life will get easier compared to how things are going back home. Many still got the same way of thinking like mine typically to those who haven't tried working miles away from their homeland. Am I correct or am I totally CORRECT? Choose your answer between the two. Lol. Well, we can't blame them as it is what they usually observe on how the life of an overseas worker improve after working for quite sometime earning a currency higher than a... Read More

A Whole New World

How should I start describing my day? I honestly don't how to say it in words. It was a mixture of memory provoking events, I guess. Would you like to know why? My morning started with something incredible. Yes, I successfully enrolled myself into a gym. I never knew it's going to be that exciting, seriously. I wanted to release all those negative emotions of mine hidden somewhere through sweating. Getting exhausted made all my worries and all the aches gone for a moment. You should try one as well. Morning was quite productive. Yey! The business is called Nuffield... Read More

Bridlington Sea Front

When I came here I already knew that there are several nice places to visit not just in this country but also to the neighboring countries of the UK. However, I wasn't expecting I could do travelling without my travel buddies, my Mon and my Akyn. We all love unwinding ourselves from stress by going to places we've never been to and we prefer to do it as a family together with Mama and Papa. Now that I'm away, I never thought it is still going to be part of my bucket list to do it. I'm super thankful to... Read More

Car booth

If we have what we call as Divisoria in Manila or Carbon in Cebu, we also got what we call as Carbooth in Hull. I'm so happy when I knew about it pretty mommas who also love shopping. Yey! Carbooth is just a parking space where people selling different kinds of merchandise would meet during Wednesdays and Sundays to display their items. Some of the products were brand new and others were used items. It's like they are doing a garage sale to clear up their houses with unused things. Decluttering project would best describe it. I'll let you see... Read More

Streetlife Museum Of Transport

A sunny morning came to welcome my Saturday but I would prefer to stay at home even if it's sunny here. Why? Because it is still freezing. Looks can be deceiving guys. I can attest to that now upon experiencing the moody weather of Hull. A minute you can see Mr. Sun then before you noticed it, the coldness will shiver every hidden fat muscle I have here. (Lol) Bet some of you are enjoying the beautiful summer in another part of the world. I miss that! Instead of going out this morning, I better update my Akynfullhouse blog with... Read More

First Catholic Mass

One of the first questions I asked when I arrived here was the location of any Catholic churches nearby. Thankfully, in our first week of stay with our hospital accommodation provided by our employer, the St Anthony and Our Lady of Mercy's Catholic Church is situated next to our flat. How accessible is it to celebrate the holy mass! There's only one mass schedule during Sundays here in Hull unlike in the Philippines' hourly mass from five in the morning to as late as seven in the evening. You can still catch to attend the mass if you missed your... Read More

Shopping in Hull

Hello pretty mums. I've finished my duty at three in the afternoon which would mean I got enough time to update akynfullhouse. Yey, finally I can relax my tired body. That's quite a blessing to us working moms to have our ME time, isn't it? Let's talk about something we all ladies love to do. What do you think would be our discussion for today? I want to share you about my first shopping experience here in Hull. Pretty exciting topic, I know. One benefit of working in places away from the city centre of England is the fact that... Read More

The Hardest Part Of Leaving

It took me weeks before I can finally afford to write my own experience on how I managed to take a step away from my family on the day I was scheduled to leave my home country. It wasn't easy honestly. I would say it was one of the most terrible feeling of sadness I've ever felt in my entire life. It crushed my heart into pieces I got comments from people saying I must be part of the determined soul mothers who can leave their kids for the sake of my career development. I'm not even sure on how... Read More


While  busy packing for my things, I had to break and do something to relieve my stress on what to include in my luggage. If you only had witnessed how many times I packed  then remove all the stuff to hit the target weight allowed and do it all over again, you'll see how tiring it was. The twenty five kilograms weight for my luggage as directed initially to me which is the allowable weight I can have, seemed not enough for all the things I needed to bring. If you're from a tropical country going to somewhere with a... Read More

Manila Trip

“Last call for passengers Michelle and Jazzie for flight from Cebu to Manila.” We were already half walking, half running while looking for our gate number and when this message was announced, we run like crazy competing for a marathon with Jazzie’s shoelace left untied. I didn’t mind all those eyes watching us and their unwanted comments on why we weren’t able to ask for assistance earlier before the boarding schedule. I thought I can only see it on TV, passengers running trying to catch their flights. I never knew we got to understand the raw feelings of it through... Read More

The Vellago Resort

We met with Akyn’s Ninong (godfather), Ruel and his family last week to talk about some adulting stuff. Surprised to see Nathan was there to join the night with. If we brought our Akyn with us, we’re certain he would be more than excited to see his Kuya Nathan again. They’ve met during special gatherings not just once but in several occasions. When I asked Akyn if he still remembers Nathan his immediate response was, ”Hmmp Ligo2x (beach trip).” My baby enjoyed their last swimming outing funded by Mon’s employer for their family day. It became our instant topic for... Read More

SM Seaside Cebu First Visit

The three of us finally decided to visit SM Seaside Cebu last Sunday after almost three years from the date when it opened. Yey! One down from our checklist. We kept on postponing our attempt to go there every time we had a chance to, simply because we felt lazy traveling. What a great excuse! Last weekends, our laziness turned into eagerness to have a family bonding. Another first time for us  to enjoy.☺ If you can notice my previous posts always talk about making the most of our family time that’s because new opportunities are knocking which may greatly... Read More

Love Your Parents

Before taking one major decision that may change my destiny forever, our family decided to seek God’s guidance by visiting the Miraculous Virgin Mary of Lindogon (Birhen sa Simala). It was my 5th time asking for Mother Mary’s Divine help for me to face one of the most difficult phase in my life. [caption id="attachment_6949" align="aligncenter" width="4096"] Interior View of the Church[/caption] My first visit was when I was still in College with my best friend begging for assistance for us to graduate. Second visit was after our graduation praying for the success of our Nursing Local Board Examination. With the right... Read More