At The Heart Of The City

Because we were invited to my husband’s friend wedding in the city, we decided to book for an overnight stay in one of the nearby hotel. Choosing our accommodation wasn’t that difficult since the wedding reception (Casino Espanyol Cebu) is perfectly near several hotels for us to choose from. Quite satisfied for choosing Summit Circle as our resting place while preparing for the event. For only P2977.00 with free breakfast buffet for two. An additional fee of P250.00 for breakfast if you have an extra person apart from the 2 guests allowed. It was already a good catch for us! Another... Read More

Ibabaw Mountain Resort

Once in a while it’s best to take a break from the usual routine of being part of the working class. Who wouldn’t want to switch off their work mode button? It has been planned weeks ago about our beach/swimming pool outing to unwind a bit and escape the busy city life for a day. Our first choice was a resort in the northern part of Cebu. Unfortunately, it was fully booked for our chosen date. Must be a blessing in disguise on why weren’t accommodated. The location would take at least 2-3 hours of travel and may take more... Read More

Team Passionate At Cebu Westown Lagoon

We've been waiting for the weekends to come because of our planned time off activity or family gathering. It's been a while since I enjoyed swimming because I got so caught up with my assigned responsibilities. De-stressing for some time-off helps me restore both my physical and psychological state of well being. It's not a sin to take a break guys. Don't forget you deserve one as well.<wink> My handsome buddies in enjoying the sunny weather Team building as they said enhances the social relationship of the team members as well as the team lead handling them. That's true! If... Read More

Boys’ Time Off

Once in a while, it’s good to be relaxed and get entertained merely by seeing the beauty of the local place without spending too much for a luxury get-away. It was a great opportunity for my boys to unwind last Sunday when my in-laws came to visit Cebu. A well-timed experience for Akyn to spend time with his cousins from Naval, Biliran. It was a boys' time-off for them while the workaholic me was working. The whole gang went to visit the Miraculous Virgin Mary of Simala, Sibonga. I last went there when I asked help for my first pregnancy. If I can... Read More

What To Pack When Traveling With Your Toddler

For the very first time, I tried traveling alone with my toddler. I am always hesitant to leave the house with Akyn without someone with me. I’m pretty sure most of the Mommies reading this post, can totally relate as to how difficult it is to travel with your toddler unaided with anyone. It’s like bringing your entire house supply with you. Yes, it’s an exaggeration but this is a difficult challenge for real. If you’ve tried packing things for a travel with your infant, probably your load will double once your child will reach the Toddler active stage. I tried... Read More

Three Decades

Imagine when you’re writing a story and you’re almost done finishing the end part of your novel, suddenly you decided to stop and discard everything that you’ve started because you think nobody’s interested with your piece. After a few minutes, you’ll try to make another story again and the cycle continues. That’s what I am feeling as of the moment, cancelling all my plans for my weekends and creating another plan again. I was a bit exhilarated to celebrate one of the days I think is special to me. I’ve been planning several preparations to enjoy it since the first... Read More

When I Answered Pardon?

The emotional roller coaster game didn’t end after passing the IELTS exam for I have to undergo several tests and more documents to comply. What’s next after the English test? Well, I have to submit myself for another anxiety provoking employer interview. How can I work in the United Kingdom if I don’t have any employer who will hire me, right? I was again too nervous with sweaty hands as cold as ice, knees trembling and my heart rate was beating faster than normal. Those were my normal physical responses when I am tensed. I am confident I can relate... Read More

My English Exam

It took me a while before I finally posted this entry. I promised to myself that I am not going to post anything not unless my application for working in the UK as a registered nurse is successful. I’ve been waiting for this moment to finally say, I MADE IT TO GO TO THE UK. My journey in applying as a registered nurse abroad wasn’t an easy experience at all. I had to submit myself to several examinations and the cost for each test wasn’t cheap. I really needed to save up to pay for them. No shopping, no luxury... Read More

Burnham Park, Baguio City

"Row row row your boat gently down the stream,"  The song that perfectly fits for Burnham park boat experience in their lake. Burnham Park is situated at the heart of the city and is very accessible. It's a head turning tourist spot in Baguio City for it offers several amusement to the tourists such as the large boating lake and a huge paved cycling circuit. Kids will definitely enjoy visiting the children's park section with considerable number of playground rides available for them. No admission fee is required to enter the park and food stalls are also available in the area. For one... Read More

Wright Park & The Mansion, Baguio City

After enjoying the beauty of the Botanical Garden of Baguio, we visited the nearest tourist destination in the area, the Wright Park. We decided to walk in going to the place to better explore the city and because of that we almost lost our way. Mon: This is the Wright Park. Me: Are you sure? Why are there no tourist around? Mon: I think were lost.=( We really thought that this was Wright Park lolz.☺ Wright Park is located just a few steps after this place. I got so excited upon seeing horses around with their enthusiastic human riders. Look at how fashionable this horse... Read More

Botanical Garden, Baguio City

By the moment you will reach the Botanical Garden of Baguio, you will be welcomed by this work of art sculpture made of cement illustrating the different rituals of the native tribes in the area. Igorots were also more than eager to take a photo with the tourist with a corresponding small fee for posing with them. She gamely posed with a peace sign. So cute, right? Colorful flowers and different types of trees can be found inside the garden which made it a refreshing place to stay. Walking around the place was not a hassle though it was drizzling when... Read More

Mines View Park, Baguio City

This was the last destination we visited before we ended our first half adventure in Baguio. If you are hunting to purchase local souvenir items and food delicacies, then this is the best place for you. The park wasn't that big though, but you could find several stalls selling those things you want like to bring home. Colorful pink haired horses for picture taking were also available. If you want to take a photo wearing the ancestral costumes of the locals, you can borrow them with a small fee. Here are some of the food delicacies available. Prices ranged from Php 30.00- Php 200.00. Very affordable, what do... Read More

Baguio City Souvenir Shopping

I've published all the details of our itinerary for our Baguio escapade and now I'll be sharing to you guys my most favorite topic among them and that is our " SOUVENIR SHOPPING". Let me start with some of the delicious food we bought there. This is a marshmallow coated in milk and dark chocolate. You can  buy 7 or 8 of this with the same sized container in combination with other assorted food delicacies for only Php100. My toddler loves to eat this sweet treat. Picture it out how messy a toddler eats. Akyn's face and hands were full of chocolate stains. Next on the list is the... Read More

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Baguio City

The first destination in our bucket list during our Baguio get-away was to visit the well known Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto to say thank you for the safe trip and to pray for a happy travel ahead. It is best to visit the place early in the morning when it's cooler, for it's going to take a long climb but definitely worth the effort. It's about 250 steps in going up to the statue of the Lady of Lourdes. It's a form of exercise for us to climb up and a way of a religious sacrifice as well. It would really test your endurance... Read More

Where To Stay In Baguio (The Blue Room)

One of the booming businesses in Baguio City is converting their residential houses into transient accommodations for travelers. We booked a room through Airbnb website where it offers a lot of choices depending on your budget. If you're traveling as a family, hotels are also available for a convenient stay. For those backpackers like us, if you would like to save, you can opt to rent for a transient room instead. Welcome to our room for two days. The blue room is located in City Camp Central near the Heath Center. Mon had a funny or shall I say self inflicted horror... Read More

A Glimpse Of His Beautiful Past (Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary)

It was a dream come true for me and my husband to visit the place where my spouse spent 4 years of his college time. We planned and booked our airline ticket since last year to spend his birthday in the summer capital of the Philippines, "Baguio City". Aside from exploring the beauty of the scenery, one of our main agenda was to visit Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary. My better half is an ex-seminarian and he used to stay in the seminary for four years before he decided to quit. As they say, "Many are called for the priesthood vocation but... Read More