God’s Answered Prayer-Second Baby Coming

It took me a while to update another blog to my website because I felt so exhausted 😩 last few weeks ago. Reading from the title of my blog, you’ll be able to tell what good news I am about to share to you pretty Mommas.Yes, I am carrying our second baby in the family. 🫶🏼 We’ve been trying for so long to have another child and we’ve actually reached the point when we already accepted that God might have only destined me to have one baby in my lifetime. But then, without us expecting, the most awaited happy blessing came.

I had no idea I was already pregnant not until one morning when I felt sick after I had my regular breakfast. I then decided to do a pregnancy test before going to work, it showed two lines on it. I was still in denial thinking it could just be a glitch with the cheap PT kit I used. So I asked Mon to buy me a more reliable test kit for me to use after work. 😊

The moment of truth on that night came. I was hopeful at the same time, I was ready to accept another failed test. In God’s perfect will, another positive result came on the 23rd of April. We were so delighted. That would explain why I felt so tired and every time I eat something my body didn’t agree, it makes me vomit. Morning sickness at its peak.

Thank you so much dear Lord for hearing our prayers. ❤️

We decided to go for a private early pregnancy scan when I reached my six weeks based on my last menstrual period. I got so anxious on this day praying for an embryo to be seen during the scan with a strong heartbeat. If you have followed my blog since I started, you’ll know I had a blighted ovum during my first pregnancy. That saddest moment makes me scared every time I have to undergo my first pregnancy scan.

Mon and Akyn came with me, when the sonographer confirmed a healthy developing embryo, the three of us were rejoicing because we got the best gift from heaven. My Akyn was really clapping his hands seeing the magnificent miracle for our family. It all still feels surreal up to this moment Pretty Mommas.

I had another scan for my 12 weeks check up. I was in a cloud nine seeing my baby actively moving on the screen. The sonographer even said,”This baby won’t keep still!”😘He was trying to measure the height and it took him few tries because the little munchkin was so active at that moment. Maybe, our little one knew Mommy was watching at that time.❤️

At this moment, I have specific food cravings and is always hungry. Thank God, Mon and Akyn are supporting me for my food cravings.

Because I am stopping my coffee intake, I had to choose either milkshakes or non caffeinated drinks. I miss coffee a LOT. We will see each other again after a year perhaps dearest coffee.😅

Apart from the best news for our family, here are the latest update we did these past few days. It is almost summer in the UK but the weather still feels cold. Whenever Mr Sunshine is up, we always take the opportunity to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Here’s our Akyn having fun in the park.❤️

We love spending time with our boy.

My Akyn is also recently obsessed with having plants in our garden. Mon is helping him plant our little apple tree in our backyard. He loves plants and treats them like they are part of our family. He’s got the softest heart when it comes to any living creature.❤️

Those were our newest addition to our garden.

Our light pink rose🌹

Little Cupressus Wilma.

We also experimented making turon. Our Akyn’s fave Pinoy snack.

Ended up the day playing board games gifted by Ate Percy. Thank you for all the food and toys Ate. The toys weren’t even opened yet. They were all brand new when she gave it to us. How generous.❤️May God bless you more po.

And of course, my house decor update shouldn’t be forgotten! Bought a cozy wall decor from B&M for only ten quid. I can finally add something to this empty wall.

Also changed my liquid soap dispenser with my Ebay find. Perfect for those who wanted to have a minimalist colour in the kitchen.

And that’s the latest life update I have for you Pretty Mommas. I wanted to end this post with this, God has always a better plan to us. We just need to be patient and to put our faith in Him.

I hope whatever your heart is praying for, you’ll soon find your answers Pretties. Have a lovely week ahead.

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