Unplanned Leeds

Now I've proven how bad I am when it comes to listening skills. It may sound kind of an easy task to do but not for everybody. LOL. My listening part gained the lowest score during my IELTS exam before. Why was that? Your guess is as good as mine. So, last weekends my close friend Michio asked me if I was free to go on a quick trip to Leeds. I didn't know what kind of bug had blocked my ears because I definitely heard her say Tesco instead of Leeds. Without thinking I said yes. I'm always on... Read More


A dream come true of traveling together finally happened last Sunday when we went to Leeds for the first time. Yay! Thank you Lord. That was our first destination here in England out from Hull where we are based. Super enjoyed the one day escape from our typical day. How much more when we will have few days travel itinerary in the future? That would definitely be a blast I supposed! After rendering a night shift from my second job, went straight to have a quick shower then breakfast and slept for an hour to recharge myself. It's like a... Read More

Sleepless Warrior

We are now in the middle month of the year. How's everyone doing? If we are still breathing up to this point then we should be thankful for surviving. It's not yet the end of the battle though as there is no vaccine available yet against Covid 19. No time to be complacent, not the right time to ignore those precautions to keep everybody safe. Three days off Mommas but felt like it's too short for me to complete all the things I wanted to do at home. You know all the cleaning stuff I got to make as the... Read More