Five Years UK RN

Let us do a time travel via blog post.😂Five years ago, early morning on the 26th of February 2019, I arrived in the UK with only 30 kilos of personal belongings in my luggage and a pocket money of less than a thousand pounds to survive my one month of stay here. I came here alone with no family or close friends to be with. How courageous my younger self was to follow my dreams, to practice my profession miles away from home, with no security yet if I will be able to pass my OSCE's( the last exam I... Read More

I Made It

It's a consistent response of mine to get terribly emotionally troubled whenever I am about to take a major examination. I posted my journey when I took my CBT entitled Apprehensions, in case you wanted to know how I dealt with it. Few steps I've discussed which may help you clear your mind before your exam date. These past few days was somehow like a roller coaster of soul-stirring series of events. Can you imagine how difficult it was to combat such struggle alone without your family with you? It wasn't easy. From the moment when I knew about our... Read More