Airbnb To The Rescue-London Day 1

As early as one in the morning we already started preparing ourselves for our morning travel to London. We chose this so we can maximize our time in visiting all our target places to view within the short duration of our time off from the reality. You know what pretty mommas, I've proven to myself after my trip that having a break from everyday work would help us recharge our tired selves. We should do this often, I greatly suggest. (wink). Stop being too workaholic Mich! How was the travel during the wee hours? Surely bitterly cold with only the... Read More

Where To Stay In Baguio (The Blue Room)

One of the booming businesses in Baguio City is converting their residential houses into transient accommodations for travelers. We booked a room through Airbnb website where it offers a lot of choices depending on your budget. If you're traveling as a family, hotels are also available for a convenient stay. For those backpackers like us, if you would like to save, you can opt to rent for a transient room instead. Welcome to our room for two days. The blue room is located in City Camp Central near the Heath Center. Mon had a funny or shall I say self inflicted horror... Read More