Our Christmassy Home

We know when it's almost Christmas because it's getting colder and colder everyday. It's like a snuggle time of the year under our thick blanket in front of the delightful fireplace. Who wouldn't want to stay at home at the perfect comfort of our home? 😂 My home buddy. Anyway, how's your Christmas decoration at home going? Are you almost finished with everything? I guess mine would be quite alright now. Although, I'm still adding some bits and bobs everytime I see something cute when we go shopping. Nothing really much I planned to change anymore with how things are... Read More

Be Bright

It's Monday which means a blogging day for this Momma on rest day with four degrees freezing weather outside. Going out still? No, thank you! I'd rather stay at home and enjoy my writing day. 😂 Little things like this of having the freedom to do what I like versus doing what I am needing to finish is one of the best moment for a busy bee mum. It's like a precious jewel we always want to savor every bit of it, don't you agree? Today, whilst scrolling down my Facebook memory lane, I've read an online post about getting... Read More

Entry Way

I was so focused finishing my work related task in my last week shift when somebody randomly asked me,"Are you like this at home Michelle?" "Always in a rush and wants everything done, organized the way you wanted?" Quite surprised with the question which made me think as well if the way I behaved at work is exactly the same at home. Then I replied,"No because I am at home and I am more relaxed because it's my home!"I thought the conversation was done after my response but another follow up question was,"Are you married?" I gave a short response,"Yes!"... Read More

New House Decorations

After finishing my painting projects for our new home, I'm finally sitting down now ready to update my Akynfullhouse with the latest house improvement I've done so far within a few weeks of stay here. Not even a month had passed but our house looked so much better every day. I'm so in love with our little lair not because it's a new place for the three of us but mainly due to the fact that it's OURS already. I can't still get over it pretty Mommas. ♥️ Anyway, first thing I bought was the rug for our living room.... Read More

Thrift Flip Home Decors

It's a sunny Saturday and I'm on a rest day. How nice is that? Once in a blue moon when I'm off on a weekend. Yay, celebrating those little moments of happiness pretty Mommas of enjoying life away from the hospital stress work-related. LOL. This is me taking a selfie while doing thrift shopping for home decorations. Yesterday was the last day of school before the spring break of my boy. They did a photoshoot taking with his Dad just before heading to school. I can really tell now Akyn is a 100% the same photo addict like me who... Read More

Another Thrifted Upcycle Journey

Went home from my overtime shift and was right away greeted with my Akyn with these sweet flowers for Mother's Day. All my tired muscles regained my lost energy because of my little charming boy who never failed to make me feel liked I'm the best mum in the world. Thank you Palangga.😘 We got two Mother's day celebration because both the Philippines and the UK got two different dates in celebrating my special day as a MUM. It's a nice treat for me from my boys then. Who wouldn't love to get some appreciation from all our hardwork pretty... Read More

Thrifted Home Decors Upcycled

My left arm still feel sore after I had my second dose of my Covid Vaccine. It's the only discomfort I felt after having the jab. Although I'm experiencing a little discomfort with my arm, I would still want this post to get done to share to my Akynfullhouse avid readers. Hope you're all doing fine as well during this sunny Spring. Thank God Winter is finally over. We can enjoy the sunny weather whilst having fun outdoor.😂 This is me before having my vaccination yesterday. Solo bus rider. What's our lovely post for today? It's one of my favorite... Read More


I should have posted another blog post yesterday but I got exhausted in spending almost six hours finishing my do it your own beautifying my toiletries organizer. Look how badly rust had almost taken over the original beauty of this silver stand. After a year and a half of usage it turned out like this but never had I thought about disposing it. I'm not that type who would normally let go of my purchased stuff not unless it's totally impossible to restore them. I value where my money goes that means every item I buy has always a special... Read More

My Craftsman

Finally it's weekends. I guess many have been waiting for the end of the week to come getting a break from the work stress. I love weekends, too because it's our time to relax with my boys. No school, no online work for Mon which would mean we can shop together without worrying of any schedule to abide. ❤️ I'd prefer to hang out with my family most of the time making our bond stronger. If I say no to social invite that would mean I want to have my family time more than anything else.( wink) What's up for... Read More

Pressed Flowers

Happy to see the sun shining brightly today. The past few day's weather was horrendously cold. Though there was no proper snowfall, however, the streets were covered with patches of ice making it slippery to walk. I had my own share of this acrobat moment before going to work. Five steps out from our door and I slipped at six in the morning. My automatic response was to use my hand to keep my bum out from the ground. Very much thankful hadn't been injured because of it. Be careful pretties because winter can be dangerous at times. Had to... Read More

Make Me Busy

Mr. Sun is up for a couple of days now except for today with the weather looking a bit gloomy and cold. This is the perfect weather if we are staying at home for the whole day but not when we are going on a shift. I'll be on duty after three hours making me lazy to go out of bed especially if we've just came from a three days off. You know that feeling of getting used to the routine in staying at home with no work to worry. I LOVE IT. So what made you busy while in... Read More

DIY Wall Frame

Couldn't believe I've spent the whole day in bed after my consecutive night shifts! I must be very exhausted I should say. But to be honest, although it is true that nursing is a demanding job asking so much from our energy, I still feel excited everyday in going to work merely because it's not boring. I love it when it's busy and you're trying to compete with the time to finish all your errands as it makes the shift pass without noticing it. While having my dinner in our staff room a doctor asked me,"How do you manage to... Read More

Gift Giving Ideas

I can now confirm that I am definitely not a winter lover. Used to wish of experiencing snow especially during summer time way back home but now I'm taking it back. I DO NOT  like this kind of extreme coldness. It's stressing me out! Wish I got the same power like Elsa of Arendelle to enjoy winter as she does. If I can only expedite the change of season right now?Not yet fully recovered from my colds and cough for this week though. Thankful still for my rest days allowing me to spend time with my hobby to write on... Read More

Do It Yourself

Wake me up when September ends. Have you heard of this song? Quite popular before, yeah. This month is about to end. Gosh! I'm running out of breath catching up with how time moves so fast. I must be too preoccupied not minding the quick flipping of my calendar. Believe it or not I am about to celebrate my first monthsary of stay in my flat. Yay! Every month's target of mine is to continuously improve my place by completing each bits and bobs needed to make it feel homey. Do you do that as well in your house? You... Read More

Burn Your Passion

Hola sunny day for me on my only rest day in between hospital duty days. Time to slow down a bit and enjoy my non stressful day. What do you normally do when it's your day off? Usually I don't have any strict schedule to follow. However, it's always a part of my day to never forget my blog. Apart from the fact that this site is a part of my routine, it also became an important piece of my LIFE. It's like an outlet of myself to voice out all my unspoken opinion, a written documentation of my everyday... Read More

Free Prints

It took me thirty minutes thinking on how to start this blog post. Am I still feeling groggy with my yesterday's duty? Maybe! While preparing the intravenous fluid for my patient, he asked me how's my day. Candidly replied,"I'm swamped." To my surprise he gave me a statement I never expected from him,"Of course because you are a NURSE." "You are expected to be busy all the time. Ended the conversation with a smile. I can't find a better rebuttal speech to his on point assertion. You got to have the heart to care for you to stay on this... Read More