Visa Approved

Finally my most dreaded day of having my tooth extraction was done yesterday although I'm still feeling sore with my gums and my soft diet regime continues for the next two days.😩 It's always a long wait here to get a slot to see the dentist due to the pandemic. Covid 19 had tremendously affected almost everything in our lives normality. We should be thankful we are still here amidst the cruelty of the virus. 🙏 As with my previous post, I did mention about an important appointment we had to attend when we went to Leeds. I tried to... Read More


I am a believer that if we are into the habit of doing something nice to the people around us without asking or expecting anything in return, the universe will pave its way to return the blessings to us in ways we've never realized to receive it. Just like our free trip last Sunday to Whitby together with Kuya Marcelo's family. It was such a happy trip to visit a wonderful place to end the summer. Thank you Kuya and Ate Susan. Kuya Marcelo had generously catered the three of us to be included in their seven seater family car.... Read More

Madame Tussauds

There's nothing more comfy than sitting on a couch with unlimited cuddles from my five year old boy during a cloudy lazy Sunday. How lovely is that pretty Mommas? Hope you're all doing well, too. Today's post is our Madame Tussauds visit when we went to London at the beginning of this month. It's a bit late to post this just because I got too preoccupied of my never ending busy schedules but still I wanted to keep my blog updated whenever I have the time to do it. Traveling with my family is something we wanted to do more... Read More

Minerva Restaurant

My post are mostly throwback events that happened just before our national lockdown here. What can we expect to do during this time anyway apart from our routine task at home pretty Mommas? I'm not bored nor complaining at all with our situation now. I would say worried for the safety of everyone especially my family, at the same time hopeful for a solution to combat the beastly pandemic. (sigh!) Anyway for today, let's make our palate both crave for food instead of dwelling into the sour reality. Two weeks ago we went to one of the pubs, the Minerva... Read More

York Travel Part 1

It's the first day of our national lockdown here. How does it feel? Kind of the same situation during the first lockdown where non essential stores are close again like pubs, gyms and shopping centres. People are ask to stay at home more not unless going out for an important reason. Schools are still open though which would mean an everyday walk with my boy in going to school. We're being vigilant in updating ourselves with the recent announcements from the government because every now and then new laws tend to be implemented unexpectedly. I do hope everyone is coping... Read More

York Shopping

We've been checking the weather for the past couple of days because we were hesitant to continue with the trip if it's going to be raining all day. At eight in the morning, I thought that all plans would be cancelled due to the weather forecast of a rainy afternoon in York. However, Michio called me about the change of plans of pushing through the travel escapade. A calm morning turned into an adrenaline causing preparation to get the earliest scheduled train. Can you imagine a mum rushing to get everything packed? Yes, I know it was insanely challenging. 🤣... Read More

Unplanned Leeds

Now I've proven how bad I am when it comes to listening skills. It may sound kind of an easy task to do but not for everybody. LOL. My listening part gained the lowest score during my IELTS exam before. Why was that? Your guess is as good as mine. So, last weekends my close friend Michio asked me if I was free to go on a quick trip to Leeds. I didn't know what kind of bug had blocked my ears because I definitely heard her say Tesco instead of Leeds. Without thinking I said yes. I'm always on... Read More


A new month again came without us noticing the days passing because things are still not back to the normal days we had before. (Sigh) How's your first week of July pretty mommas? Mine started with a mixture of work related activity plus the mum's job at home. Mum's typical day, isn't it? My second work training finally started. Yey! I'm more than excited to explore another field in my nursing job. Nursing in the UK doesn't only mean hospital based which is where I am assigned now. We can also choose to work in the community, care homes, or... Read More

The Realization

Staying home has never been boring at all to me now that my boys are finally here. There are just so many things to do at home. It's really up to your creativeness on how you make each moment seem interesting pretty mommas. First thing to finish in my to do list for today is to publish a post for my blog. An overdue post that has not been published for a couple of weeks now. Migrating to a new country also equates to loads of adjustments  and things to accomplish as a new settler. Had to guide my boys... Read More


Because it is my rest day I've already made plans on how to spend it two days before I went off on duty. Isn't it obvious how much I am looking forward to chill out a bit? You know it when we are on the adulting phase already because we are so much excited to be leaving from work on time not because we got some night gigs to attend to. Rather, we wanted to spend a peaceful "ME TIME" with no stress, no rush just us enjoying what we love. So what's up for today? First things first, decided... Read More

London Day 2

It took me ages to publish the second half of our trip because the workaholic me is back to my original work mode addict. Is there any tablet to cure this addiction to working, do you know? I honestly don't either. This love for work will then continue until further notice. After having a well rested night from our first London exploration madness we were both all set to start another exciting non stop walk with alternating photo-shoot taking. What's the top on the list to accomplish? Sherlock Holmes. Say what? You've read it right. Sherlock Holmes' place in London.... Read More

London Day One Escapade

I got quite a few post to make for this month and all of them are still pending for completion. Maybe this cold weather is making my writing mode slower than it used to be. Looking forward for the warmer season or should I say excited to go home to my tropical country in a couple of calendar flips from now. Yay! See you Cebu. This post is the continuation of my previous post of our London do-it-your-own tour. After all the troubles of our accommodation has been settled we started our trip right away. It felt like we needed... Read More

Airbnb To The Rescue-London Day 1

As early as one in the morning we already started preparing ourselves for our morning travel to London. We chose this so we can maximize our time in visiting all our target places to view within the short duration of our time off from the reality. You know what pretty mommas, I've proven to myself after my trip that having a break from everyday work would help us recharge our tired selves. We should do this often, I greatly suggest. (wink). Stop being too workaholic Mich! How was the travel during the wee hours? Surely bitterly cold with only the... Read More

Nottingham First Travel Experience

In my nine months of stay here I've never tried travelling alone out from Hull simply because I felt terrified in going to new places without anyone else with me. What if I'll get lost and wouldn't find my way home? What if something bad will happen and nobody's there to help me? What if, what if, what if... Too many apprehensions of conquering my fear to explore the world out there. What exactly pushed me to try the feeling of a solo traveler? Decided to face my fright because of my desire to do something memorable for my first... Read More

Hull Fair

One of the best places to visit when you wanted to relieve stress is to pay round to see a theme park. It's suitable for both kids and to us who are still a child at heart. 😄 It's my first time to experience what the locals call as Hull Fair. A yearly tradition of a travelling funfair coming to Kingston upon Hull with lots of rides, games, food and souvenirs to enjoy. God thank you! I surely had a good time visiting it for about three times in its one week of stay here together with different set of... Read More

My Lair

The featured photos used in this blog were probably the last shots I took in my old accomodation. Did I miss it? Partly yeah but my happiness of finally getting myself out from Saint Matthews outweighs whatever sentimental emotions I may have with my white room. Those unpleasant encounters with my old accomodation served as a good riddance for without it I won't be forced to find a flat to live by my own. Yes, you've read it right pretty Mommas. I am now settling well staying in my place I call as my personalized hideout. Just me with nobody... Read More