Airbnb To The Rescue-London Day 1

As early as one in the morning we already started preparing ourselves for our morning travel to London. We chose this so we can maximize our time in visiting all our target places to view within the short duration of our time off from the reality. You know what pretty mommas, I’ve proven to myself after my trip that having a break from everyday work would help us recharge our tired selves. We should do this often, I greatly suggest. (wink). Stop being too workaholic Mich!

How was the travel during the wee hours? Surely bitterly cold with only the two of us walking with our noisy luggage. The terminal was still closed which made us both apprehensive. Were we on the correct location to wait for our bus? Why was there nobody else waiting aside from us? E-mail ticket confirmation opened, Google map activated, called friends and surprisingly all confirmed we were on track.

Little did we know that some buses would come from a different location originally carrying passengers already and shall only drop off to a certain stop over again to pick up other commuters like us. Our question on why the terminal wasn’t opened yet got answered when our bus came. Learning while having fun, don’t you think?


We were deliriously happy upon hearing the bus voice-over saying we arrived to our destination. Hello London. At long last we got the chance to view the magnificent beauty of you! Went straight to our accommodation to leave all our things and start the adventure early. Made use of Airbnb to book for it. This was the exact place which we thought was perfect to be our temporary hide out.

13 Canterbury Place London SE17 3AD for £26.00 per night


Sent Email to the host about our expected time of arrival. He accepted it without questions. So we had the impression that everything was going to be smooth sailing upon arrival. We turned up at exactly eight in the morning. The room was locked and the key was nowhere to be found. My irritation started to build up. Both tired from the long travel and this dilemma was just too much to add to our stress. Rang the host’s number a couple of times. The phone was audibly ringing from one of the rooms but he wasn’t picking it up. A bloke decided to speak to us after knocking his door for ages. Guess what’s more infuriating. He couldn’t speak ENGLISH. Para Habla espanyol senorita! That was the end of my rope.

Asked help from Airbnb customer service then got routed to a lovely Filipina representative since my account was originally set up way back home. They tried to contact the host on their end but to no avail. Are we going to be homeless in London? Oh no please. The case was escalated to one of the phone manager’s of Airbnb. Helpful was an understatement to describe her service. She was brilliantly pleasant, very eager to help us until the very end of our trip. A good gesture of £10.00 worth for breakfast reimbursement was given to me while waiting for them to find another place for us to stay. Safely settled to a new location in Central London. Thank you Lord.

Our new accomodation.

This sweet drink tamed my temper a little bit.


If you are planning for a trip to London please stay away from this disgusting place (13 Canterbury Place London SE17 3 AD). Sorry for the term but that was how it was actually. It looked so dodgy when we came. Also, don’t get deceived with its affordable rent offer. I promise you that the rate you paid is equivalent to how rubbish the service you’ll be getting. Always read the reviews as they were made to help future travelers get an advance picture of the room.


Be a safe traveler always.


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