Visa Approved

Finally my most dreaded day of having my tooth extraction was done yesterday although I'm still feeling sore with my gums and my soft diet regime continues for the next two days.😩 It's always a long wait here to get a slot to see the dentist due to the pandemic. Covid 19 had tremendously affected almost everything in our lives normality. We should be thankful we are still here amidst the cruelty of the virus. 🙏 As with my previous post, I did mention about an important appointment we had to attend when we went to Leeds. I tried to... Read More

Halloween and Pumpkin Picking

I've read from one of my favorite mommy blogger, Mommy Fleur, about her mother and daughter five questions session where she did get the raw sweet answers from her daughter about the things she like. I tried few of the questions with my five year old boy but not the whole lot as he gets bored with too many questions thrown at him in one instance. I don't want to hear his favorite tag line,"Why are you asking me loads of questions Mommie?" Here are some of his answers: What are the five things you love about Mommie? I love... Read More

Hull Fair

Akyn went to school using his bike instead of his scooter as suggested by me thinking he hasn't used his little bike for quite sometime now. I haven't realized though that I will be going home carrying the heavy metal bike alone after sending him to school. Tried to push it using my hands but because it is so small it hurts my back when I am leaning down. I did rather carry it back home and promised not to offer it again in going to school. We'll stick in using his scooter from now on. Duh! A little sleepy... Read More

Circus Zyair

"Mommie I have a surprise for you today!" My Akyn excitedly showed me his appreciation note given by his teacher last week. Little things like this means a big achievement for them and for us parents, too. It's one of the best feeling ever as a Momma knowing my baby is also working hard to do good in school. I'm not the type of parent who would pressure him to compete with others. I'd rather support him to whichever passion he got than to tell him what to do. What about you? Which type of parent are you? And because... Read More

Akyn’s 5th Birthday

I thought about writing two different posts regarding our Akyn's birthday and our New Year's Eve but due to time constraints I'm merging them both. Working momma on the move again! I kind of feel groggy still after my extra shift yesterday. Unlike in the Philippines, nurses usually got only one regular employer to work with. However in here you can work as many as you like until your energy says stop! More opportunities for us to enhance our skills at the same time more funds for shopping. (wink) So, going back to our main topic about my Akyn's birthday,... Read More

Christmas Eve 2020

When someone asks," How's your Christmas?" I've heard some responses saying, "Nothing special really. It just passed." Others would say, "It's quite lonely with no parties allowed!" Well, for us it's entirely a different version we chose to be thankful for. It's one of the best Christmas ever with my family celebrating with me in the UK. The way you view things will definitely change everything. Instead of us grumbling of the current situation, why can't we count the enormous blessings we've got. Can we be thankful for being healthy and that's the most important thing amidst the pandemic, isn't... Read More

My Birthday Celebration

Every year has it's own story to tell. This year might not be a great year for everyone, however, I am indeed truly grateful for all the blessings we got as a family. Still felt like I was just dreaming of having my family with me to spend every special occasion here but now, it got finally realized. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, Valentines and all events will be a jolly party with the three of us making memories for each. Thank you Lord. 🙏 Last year I did celebrate my birthday in London with my friend Jazz and I'm... Read More

Simple Christmas House Decoration

At the start of this month my boy has been non stop asking me as to when are we going to start decorating our house ready for the holiday season. We used to do our preparation at the beginning of September. Too early for some I know! But in the Philippines once the Ber months would start to kick in it is pretty common for you to hear Christmas songs played in big malls with the brightest Christmas lights shining through the night. For me our tradition back home is still the most festive joyous way of celebrating God's birthday.... Read More

Day With My Boys

Getting productive on a rest day is an accomplishment for a busy Momma like me. Woke up at seven to help my Akyn be ready for school, had a delicious breakfast made by my Mon as he usually does the cooking at home now. I'm just too tired to do it after shift. Bet most nurses can relate to the feeling of exhaustion after a long day duty. After the meal, did iron my uniform, laundry, netflix chill movie time for me then had another nap. Who wouldn't want to recharge themselves before another hustle in the ward for the... Read More

Leeds Shopping Haul

A few days ago the weather was the real summer for me with the temperature reaching the maximum of 31°C. Felt like I'm in Cebu with the scorching heat of the sun, definitely loving it. Hi to all summer lover like me. ♥ Get your skimpy shorts on paired with your sleeveless tops. Yay! As promised, this post is about my shopping haul in Leeds. One thing that excites me in every travel is the shopping part of it. Of course I am happy to visit new places, take pictures of every scenery but the best part of it is... Read More

After A Year

Big drops of rain poured non stop this afternoon while walking around the city centre during my second rest day but I'm crazily loving every chilly wind hitting my cheeks. Gloomy weather excites me since I was a kid. God I miss this kind of coldness. I got my umbrella with me. Ever ready stroller as you may call it. Yay! Enjoying each step on a puddle of water then a little splash damping my shoes. Is that what happens when you got too many night shift duties for the month?LOL. Hey pretty Mommas July is about to end today,... Read More

A Whole New World

How should I start describing my day? I honestly don't how to say it in words. It was a mixture of memory provoking events, I guess. Would you like to know why? My morning started with something incredible. Yes, I successfully enrolled myself into a gym. I never knew it's going to be that exciting, seriously. I wanted to release all those negative emotions of mine hidden somewhere through sweating. Getting exhausted made all my worries and all the aches gone for a moment. You should try one as well. Morning was quite productive. Yey! The business is called Nuffield... Read More

I Made It

It's a consistent response of mine to get terribly emotionally troubled whenever I am about to take a major examination. I posted my journey when I took my CBT entitled Apprehensions, in case you wanted to know how I dealt with it. Few steps I've discussed which may help you clear your mind before your exam date. These past few days was somehow like a roller coaster of soul-stirring series of events. Can you imagine how difficult it was to combat such struggle alone without your family with you? It wasn't easy. From the moment when I knew about our... Read More

Beautiful Memories

It's my favorite time to sit in front of my study table after my long day, alone with my headset popped inside my ears listening to some old OPM music (Original Pilipino Music) because I can finally relax and have some ME time. It's a helpful habit beautiful mommas to release unwanted negativities of the day. Try it sometimes. How was my day today? I'm happy to explore some stores near my house accommodation. Good thing few of them were open today though it's a bank holiday in the UK. Their bank holidays here is equivalent to our legal holidays... Read More

Mother’s Day In The UK

UK celebrates Mothers' Day today, the 31st of March. It's entirely different as to the date of the Philippines special day for mums. Happy Mother's day to me. Yey! As I walk towards the church earlier today, I had a lot of emotions carried with me on my way to attend the fourth Sunday of Lent. I felt happy because God gave me a chance to experience the way England celebrates this special day for us mums. More than ever grateful for this opportunity to get exposed to a different culture of warm and kindhearted people. How amazing is that?... Read More

The Approval

It took me an hour to convince my toddler to let me borrow Dellia (my laptop) so I can start blogging again. That’s the life of a mom, most of the time, you need to adjust your planned schedules when your child is requesting you to stop doing anything and just focus your attention to him. Who can say no to your cutest source of joy? How did you all spent your Valentine’s Day? One thing I love about the Valentine’s Day is the fact that we can express our love to someone without the fear of getting labeled as... Read More