Pain and Anger

If I am going to let you score your pain with zero as no pain and ten as the worst how would you rate it?" This is the best suitable question for me today to describe my headache on my way home. I would rate it as seven. Yes, it was extremely painful! Maybe because of the cold rainy weather in which my body isn't liking it at ALL when I am out of the house. Thank you Ren for the paracetamol tablet to ease my discomfort. That's the benefit of having a nurse friend.(wink) Thanks God I am finally... Read More

Witnessing Road Rage

I always choose to ride a public utility van every Saturday to avoid the long queue in waiting for a bus on my way home to the southern part of Cebu. It was a typical day for me following the same routine after my shift. Nothing’s really extraordinary not until I started my journey in heading home. I unexpectedly had to occupy the front seat as the only vacant slot available. I hate and I’m scared in sitting on that spot. Not all drivers are careful enough to observe road ethics. Anyway, how was the experience sitting in front? It... Read More