Drama Of A Wife

We were supposed to go somewhere north last Sunday, however, we chose to go malling instead to spend our time off together. I just felt lazy doing long travel. Bummer! It was a planned treat for my birthday which would mean I got the freedom to choose whatever I wanted to do. Hooray! Let's pause my excitement to write about our free time today. I want to let you know what took place last night. We had a heated discussion with Mon the night before my birthday. So what exactly happened? I asked him if he already had ordered my birthday cake and he told... Read More

The Unknown Shopper

We maintain only one online account for our family to order anything online for easy monitoring. Yesterday, when I tried checking the account, my eyes widened and my mouth fell open seeing a pending order for a toy which I never requested. What stunned me more was the amount of the item ordered. "Who did this?" As alarmed as I was, I hurriedly checked the status of it. Thankfully the item was still pending for approval from the seller to be shipped. Goodness! I usually leave my phone with my Mama at home to supervise my toddler in watching Nursery... Read More