Recall 2020

Felt energised after having an afternoon nap for three hours with my Akyn. 😘 Can't complain this moment of having to slow down a bit and spend more time with my boys. ❤️ Because it's winter season, we've been making a lemon ginger tea everyday warming us up from the chilly weather. We usually use our mini Russell Hobbs chopper for our ginger so it's easier to prepare the tea. The tea making with the complete gang. It's very easy to use kitchen helper plus the non complicated method cleaning required. We loved it. My mug says hello to you.... Read More

A Grateful Heart

“Guys system is down.” I am on a state of complete happiness whenever I could hear my manager blasting this news to us. This would mean I could rest my voice while my mind and my fingers are working typing this blog entry. I am thankful that once in a blue moon, this rare scenario happens at work giving me an ample time to relax a bit. This is one of the simplest things that deserves my gratitude. Exercising gratitude was not my thing when I was younger. When I received something from someone like a gift or a favor, I... Read More