Recall 2020

Felt energised after having an afternoon nap for three hours with my Akyn. 😘 Can’t complain this moment of having to slow down a bit and spend more time with my boys. ❤️ Because it’s winter season, we’ve been making a lemon ginger tea everyday warming us up from the chilly weather.

We usually use our mini Russell Hobbs chopper for our ginger so it’s easier to prepare the tea.

The tea making with the complete gang. It’s very easy to use kitchen helper plus the non complicated method cleaning required. We loved it.

My mug says hello to you. Yes, you reading our personal blog today wanting to say thank you for always checking our site and being part of our Akynfullhouse avid reader family. Our four year old blog won’t be up until now if visitors like you weren’t there to support us. So, a big thank you and virtual hugs for all. 💖

Talking about being grateful, I wanted to look back how my 2020 year was. When I tried to weigh each of the events that happened in my life I can definitely say my 2020 was a blissful year for us. Why? I’ll share you mine, so you might be able to cite some of the blessings you got last year, won’t yah?

First, I did manage to travel back home for the very FIRST time from the UK to the Philippines. I couldn’t imagine myself going abroad alone but with God’s grace I safely arrived home as planned for my holidays. Kuya Anton and Ate Ester served as my guiding angel sending me off to the airport with NO charge at all. Still teary with happiness remembering how much they’ve helped me travel with all my enormous luggage with me. Thank you Kuya and Ate. ❤️

Second, my sister Ann and his husband Eric’s wedding pushed through like what was planned before the lockdown issue destroyed all succeeding events. A beautiful wedding indeed. Our family believes that weddings only happen once in your lifetime. Make it happen the way you wanted it to be. It’s not about being impractical rather, it’s about fulfilling your once in a lifetime dream. So, be it. Thank you Lord for a happy union celebration last February. ❤️

Third, my boys’ visa was approved last February of 2020 allowing us all to travel back to the UK together. Can you imagine how God’s miracle worked that time? We passed through the immigration successfully two weeks prior to the announcement of the first national lockdown here. It was the Lord’s will for us to be here. All my hardwork, sleepless night doing overtime, my being stingy when it comes to budgeting my money just for me to reach my monetary goal paid off. I am both proud and thankful of having my dream realized coming from my own sweats and money. I did it! Thank you Lord for helping me out. ❤️

Fourth, my Mon’s unexpected job offer from his previous employer. Looking for a job is difficult especially in the middle of a pandemic but thy Heaven didn’t leave us. We were blessed to have another source of money plus the benefit of Mon working from home as a software developer. He can look after Akyn if I’m at work and also finish his task at the very comfort of our home. ❤️

Fifth, my Akyn’s new Catholic school allocated by the city council. It was one of our worries before coming here about our son’s adjustment to the new environment. With the very supportive school teachers and friendly classmates, he managed to adapt to it. We know when our child is doing fine in school when he himself tells us how excited he is to go back for another class session. Isn’t it right Mommas?

Sixth, We did manage to secure a decent home for our family to stay and without rushing because we didn’t like to be worrying about so much liabilities to pay, we bought some pieces of home appliance as a starting family living abroad. I’ve written in my previous post how we are dealing with the start from scratch life here like we literally didn’t have anything apart from the courage to face a new life again. Little by little, last year was the beginning of us investing into stuff we needed for a comfy life.

Seventh, For a peaceful and healthy living we have for the entire year. The most important thing above all is to live in tranquility knowing that the Lord is with us everyday guiding our decisions to come up with a fruitful year.

I can put more to this list but I’ve chosen the big gifts we had last year. For sure you got more to be thankful as well. This 2021, I’m looking forward to maintain a more positive vibes attracting loads of blessings to come through again.

Have a blissful 2021 everyone.


  1. I love that mug! It is nice to look back on the positive things in the past year, despite all of the challenges the pandemic caused.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Same here, I am looking to make 2021 a year with full of positive vibes. Thanks for sharing!

      1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. loved this recall post of yours and i know i can find things to love and remember fondly as well

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

    2. 💓💓💓

  3. Happy to know that you had a great year. Good thing you had everything sorted out and planned in February since March in the Philippines is a different story. Thank you for sharing this. Happy to read positive posts about 2020 as I find inspiration that there is still beauty despite all of the problems.

    1. 💓💓💓

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