Akyn’s 5th Birthday

I thought about writing two different posts regarding our Akyn's birthday and our New Year's Eve but due to time constraints I'm merging them both. Working momma on the move again! I kind of feel groggy still after my extra shift yesterday. Unlike in the Philippines, nurses usually got only one regular employer to work with. However in here you can work as many as you like until your energy says stop! More opportunities for us to enhance our skills at the same time more funds for shopping. (wink) So, going back to our main topic about my Akyn's birthday,... Read More

Just The Three of US

How does it feel to be mostly staying at home when you are not at work during this time especially to those married couples? Expectation wise many would think you can have some SOLO time with your partner. Well, nice if you got it because for us it's different. It's always the THREE of us. Akyn would sing this line, "Just the three of us all over the world tonight," as a reminder that the three of us should always go together. Nobody must be left behind. I'm not complaining about it anyway. I do think it as a blessing... Read More