Just The Three of US

How does it feel to be mostly staying at home when you are not at work during this time especially to those married couples? Expectation wise many would think you can have some SOLO time with your partner. Well, nice if you got it because for us it’s different. It’s always the THREE of us. Akyn would sing this line, “Just the three of us all over the world tonight,” as a reminder that the three of us should always go together. Nobody must be left behind. I’m not complaining about it anyway. I do think it as a blessing of having an additional cute buddy in our team of two.

There was one instance when Mon and I were planning to go for an early run together and our boy heard it. He immediately joined our conversation saying he should be included with our plan to jog because it’s always the three of us, no mommy and daddy exclusive time. So much have changed when we became parents. I would say beautiful changes had happen. Our baby boy is a bit clingy and I love it. He follows me wherever I go in our little flat. Even when I’m in the toilet, he’s there waiting for me to finish. Bet most mums can attest to this experience.

Playing online games must also be together. We like playing Plants vs Zombies. While the competitive me saves all the coins after each stage of victory, Akyn uses all my saved coins for all not urgent superpowers when he is the one playing it. Agh! He’s very supportive for me to win because he exactly knows there will additional coins after each game. Witty, isn’t he?

What else do we all do together? Ahm believe it or not I think everything.(LOL) Akyn is very much willing to participate in doing our household chores. If I’m not going to assign any task to him he would always complain and ask,” What work will I do then?” Hoping he won’t change his enthusiasm in helping me do our house chores in the future.

I got to find new activities every now and then savoring the time off I got away from work. A way of making sure he isn’t bored at home.

So here’s what I got for our bathing time, bought this bath bomb to give an extra pamper time in the tub. Love the smell, the relaxing effect it brings while soaking under the warm water. It’s a perfect bonding moment for our kiddos pretty Mommas.


We made a playhouse out of used cardboard few weeks ago. It was bare with no design. Instead of buying an expensive little headquarter for him we did improvised this by adding some colors into it.



We painted the walls using his watercolor. I’ve let him decide what shade he wanted to have for his cardboard house.


Even if how much we would love to stay together always however we could’t due to work demands. Unlike some of you guys who got the option to stay at home while working. I still feel the guilt sometimes when I leave him at home with his dad because I need to work. You know that feeling of missing your mini you every minute. Gave him a present  for being an obedient baby of not throwing a fit while I am at work. This adorable pink piglet can be used as a night lamp. It illuminates different light color through the darkness of the evening.


Making the most of it while he’s young because someday he will have his own world which may affect our time together.

Ohana means Family, nobody gets left behind.





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