Recall 2020

Felt energised after having an afternoon nap for three hours with my Akyn. 😘 Can't complain this moment of having to slow down a bit and spend more time with my boys. ❤️ Because it's winter season, we've been making a lemon ginger tea everyday warming us up from the chilly weather. We usually use our mini Russell Hobbs chopper for our ginger so it's easier to prepare the tea. The tea making with the complete gang. It's very easy to use kitchen helper plus the non complicated method cleaning required. We loved it. My mug says hello to you.... Read More

Do It Assemble

It's been a while since I last posted anything for Akynfullhouse. Non stop agency nursing in the making my friends. Agency nurses here are paid almost three times than the regular salary of a permanent staff. So, during my rest days especially during weekdays when my Akyn is at school and Mon is at work, I'd rather choose to work as well than staying at home doing nothing. We can shop bond together during weekends anyway. It's what they say as work hard but play harder after. What's the content for today pretties? I'll start with my random thought on... Read More