Dating Lovebirds

Monthsary celebration is becoming not that special to us as compared to those days before we got married. I don’t know, maybe because we were both preoccupied with our everyday responsibilities making us forget those special moments. It was like a mortal sin before if one of us will fail to remember our Monthsary during our younger years (college sweethearts). Who can relate to this? Lol. Our Wedding Anniversary though is an exception! We always find time to celebrate our wedding anniversaries. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate one of the happiest event of being married? It doesn’t need to be... Read More

A Taste of My Favorite Korean Dishes

It was so ironic that last Friday was supposedly called as my rest day from work, however, it seemed like my day started full packed with schedules. I started my morning with a scheduled commitment as early as 9:00 AM travel time and arrived to my destination at around half past eleven in the morning, after 2 hours of getting stuck from a heavy traffic due to the unexpected rain. How terrible was that experience! I'm still thankful that the meeting was successful though I came late. After the first task of mine, I proceeded to my second engagement, the planned... Read More