Dating Lovebirds

Monthsary celebration is becoming not that special to us as compared to those days before we got married. I don’t know, maybe because we were both preoccupied with our everyday responsibilities making us forget those special moments. It was like a mortal sin before if one of us will fail to remember our Monthsary during our younger years (college sweethearts). Who can relate to this? Lol.

Our Wedding Anniversary though is an exception! We always find time to celebrate our wedding anniversaries. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate one of the happiest event of being married? It doesn’t need to be an extravagant celebration. I prefer simple and intimate gathering with our family.

Yesterday, Mon requested for a dinner date and surprisingly greeted me for our Monthsary.

“Wow! Thanks for greeting.” Your mobile phone reminder serves a great help for you to remember it huh.” Trying to tease him. He had saved  important dates on his phone for him not to miss it.

I don’t need to wait for my phone to remind me.” ”The 28th day of each month is already registered in my heart so I can recall it every time.”

Alright as you claimed it!(Eyes rolled) I didn’t argue anymore. It was his dinner treat anyway.

We had our dinner in one of our memorable place where he made his proposal. Yay! Do you also have that special place you like visiting over and over again because of the happy memory attached to it? Surely you do. Han Guk Kwan Korean restaurant has witnessed several dinner dates and even our most awaited proposal too. So many stories to tell in this place.

We’ve over estimated again the carrying capacity of our tummies. When are we going to learn from this bad habit? Lelz.

Bokkeum-Bap for P250.00 I didn’t touch that brown sticky sauce in there. I’m already satisfied with the rice alone. Good for two.


Ppyeodagwi-Haejangguk P300.00 with free rice. Good for 2-3 persons. I love its hot and spicy soup with very tender pork meat.



Samgyeopsal P250.00 minimum order of 2 (P500.00). I was expecting a little thinner meat.



Unlimited side dishes for Samgyeopsal


We need to do more happy moments like this. Life is too short for us not to enjoy it.

Han Guk Kwan
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
Phone Numbers
032 5168859
032 2311533
Open 24 Hours




  1. Augggh! I’m so jealous! You didn’t invite me. I’ve been craving for Korean dishes for months now. Hahaha Please invite next time. Love you both

    1. Sure thing. Next time we’ll let you know. xoxo

  2. Try Kimbap too. One of my favorite Korean food. I love eating Korean dishes while watching Korean Series..

    1. Nice Suggestion. Will do during our next visit perhaps.♥

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