Thrifted Home Decors Upcycled

My left arm still feel sore after I had my second dose of my Covid Vaccine. It's the only discomfort I felt after having the jab. Although I'm experiencing a little discomfort with my arm, I would still want this post to get done to share to my Akynfullhouse avid readers. Hope you're all doing fine as well during this sunny Spring. Thank God Winter is finally over. We can enjoy the sunny weather whilst having fun outdoor.😂 This is me before having my vaccination yesterday. Solo bus rider. What's our lovely post for today? It's one of my favorite... Read More

Hobby Craft

Adrenaline coursed through my veins with layers of sweat covering my face running down to my nape as I kept my breathing steady, I did push myself harder and faster moving my limbs running on a treadmill. Forty minutes had passed but I was still running like I was chased by an unknown monster ready to grab my hair. I've noticed the old man curiously looking at me on when would I ever stop running. If I could see the bubble thought on his head, he must have wondered if I was a damsel in distress. My mind was frantic... Read More