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Whilst browsing through my photos, it always catches my eyes to admire the kind of home we created together. Nothing extravagant, just cozy and the pure feeling of I’m at HOME, my comfort zone. It excites me to go home after a stressful day where I can finally be with my family to spend time with them. It’s a routine after work to head straight to shower, eat together followed by the best moment of having to stretch my legs with the comfiest home clothes and a new book to read on one hand while cuddling my baby boy with my other hand. How relaxing is that pretties?

It’s the first photo we had after few months of moving to our permanent lair in this country. Few bits and bobs have been added to our living room after almost a year of settling in. Otherwise, it looked almost the same, calm and homey.😍

Today’s blog post is all about the aesthetically pleasing home decors new finds I’ve added. Be it from thrift shopping or from my Ikea gems, they are all lovely addition to my home. This first pretty tassled white throw I only got for ninety nine pence from a thrift shop adventure of mine. Like where can you find a beautiful piece for less than a pound?

I’ve been for a hunt for a nice sofa throw and this one is so gorgeous for me to pass.

I’m ready to snuggle up in my living room.

Next on the list is my toilet upstairs with its new hanging faux plant from Ikea. Our all white toilet has added some life into it with a touch of greenery.

The Ikea plastic frames I’ve shown on my previous haul blog are both decorated in our bedroom. Used our travel photos from Stonehenge and Akyn’s iconic London view. Taking photos not only serves to create memory but also for personalizing our own space through photo frame displays.

Taddaaaan! The floating white shelves are now out for display. Both the wooden man and the crock used for my Ikea faux greens are thrifted while the black candle lantern came from B&M.

Placed the other floating shelf opposite to the first one on our empty white bedroom wall. I’m still finding more Pinterest worthy ideas to add to this space in our bedroom. I’m getting there Pretty Mommas. More research equates to more fun discovering creative ideas.

I haven’t transferred my books yet to my Ikea Trolley as the top of my clothes dresser will looked empty if I’ll move them. Once I can find the right decors for this little area, I’ll start arranging my books to my trolley. My electric essential oil humidifier lives here for now.

This mirror is one of the best aced thrifted purchase I did. I only got this vintage looking gold rimmed baby for twelve pounds.

On top of my second clothes dresser was an empty boring space. I’ve been contemplating if I’ll add another photo gallery on top of it, or shall I add different shapes of floating storage. Until I’ve found an idea from a one of my favorite Youtuber using a huge gold mirror to her room. My pressed flowers birthday gift from Mon preserved on a gold frame really suits here.

The white little cabinet is my upcycled project for all my accesories. It was originally colored like a red antique paint. Turned into a white distressed farm house looking instead. I’m still deciding to find  a nice font to print for my empty golden picture frame. I already have a message to print. I only needed a nice calligraphy letter design to fill it. The little vase is thrifted for only fifty pence and lastly, the hand plaster cast is a DIY we did using our Akyn’s hand.

Tell me you like turning everything pretty without telling me you are!

I’m happy to get this thrifted cream colored curtain as previously we used to have the annoying neon yellow green curtains left by the previous owner of this house. I want muted colors. I’m totally over with the striking bright color motif.

Those are my little house improvements. It makes me happy when I can see some pretty little stuff around my home. Sometimes, it takes me a while to decorate a space but I will surely never leave them forever boring. Cheers to more house decorating to do my pretty Mommas.

  1. I love all things farmhouse and rustic decor, and our home decor reflects that style

    1. ☺️☺️☺️

  2. I love light neutral colors like you have. Also that one plant that’s on the edge of a shelf and draping down is beautiful! I want it. =)

    1. ❤️❤️❤️Ikea almost got every beautiful greenery for decorations. ☺️

    2. Nice little touches. Great choices.

      1. Thank you ☺️

  3. I think it’s wonderful that you have made your house a home and a comforting place for you and your family.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. My mum had the same mirror in her living room. Love your choices.

    1. Thank you. ☺️

  5. love the color scheme everywhere and that sofa throw is so beautiful

    1. Thank you ❤️

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