Our 7th

How's our marriage after seven years? I can right away answer this with a big smile saying," I am very happy and felt blessed all the time for having a man who will always be there with me through thick and thin. We did conquer big waves together. Shared both the sweet laughter of victories and tasted the bitter tears of sorrows of life's never ending circle of challenges and yet here we are, both standing still for our little family especially with Akyn together with us now. I'm just so thankful for making the right decision of finding a... Read More

In Sickness And In Health

Mon wasn’t feeling well this past few days and so am I. I think it’s pretty normal to be emotionally affected if a family member is ill or having any challenges in whatever aspect. How much more if it’s your spouse? It’s too taxing, right? He’s a bit better now though. Thanks God! My wife loving abilities is always put into test in times like this. Phew! He sent me a text message last Saturday that says, His words never failed to give me a romantic excitement as a response to it. Ayee!♥ I never expected him to express how... Read More