In Sickness And In Health

Mon wasn’t feeling well this past few days and so am I. I think it’s pretty normal to be emotionally affected if a family member is ill or having any challenges in whatever aspect. How much more if it’s your spouse? It’s too taxing, right? He’s a bit better now though. Thanks God! My wife loving abilities is always put into test in times like this. Phew!

He sent me a text message last Saturday that says,


His words never failed to give me a romantic excitement as a response to it. Ayee!♥ I never expected him to express how grateful he was with my presence while he was in pain. But thank you my Teddy Bonjing for appreciating my effort.

We were supposed to see each other after work but because he was still not really fully recovered that time, we decided not to push through with it. It would be best for him to rest rather than stressing his body again.

In times when our loved ones aren’t in their best shapes, sometimes, all they need is our presence. Apart from the pharmacological treatment they needed, our emotional support would greatly make a difference. Letting them know we are always here to give them the encouragement they wanted and that we are ready to give up all our appointments just to be with them during their vulnerable times.

Acknowledging their condition can also be of great help. When my husband said his leg was in pain and he couldn’t afford to move it, I believed him without questioning it or doubting the severity of his condition. I addressed the illness by responding to alleviate the pain using medications or simply applying human touch to minimize the discomfort.

Granting his requests when my husband’s movement was restricted seemed to be my main role last week. I became the third leg of him. It’s not easy to attend to a patient when you are also exhausted from your own busy life but when it’s you family member who is in need, you’ll be surprised with the surge of your energy to extend your working hours to serve them.

I perceive illness as God’s way in testing our commitment to our vow. It’s seriously exhausting but this is part of our marriage solemn pledge to be together in this lifetime no matter what. As your wife, Teddy Bonjing, I’ll be here to stick with you (like a sticky gum hahaha) in sickness and in health, thru thick and thin, I’ll be your number one support.



  1. I feel you. It’s very stressful if one of our family members is sick. We will also be affected not just emotionally but physically draining. It’s a good news your husband is ok now.

    1. Thanks Loren for sharing your thoughts ♥

  2. Good news he is feeling ok now. Inspiring to know how you support your husband when he badly needs you in times like this.

    1. Thank you.♥

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