Hashtag Father I Do

It has been a lovely sunny day last weekends. Aren't you all excited for Spring? Well, I can't wait for Winter to come to an end. I had enough of the chilly weather. I enjoyed the snow so much, though .😅How are you all been doing? Our last week's experience has been absolutely a new thing for us and very much worth to remember. What was it? We got featured in ABS CBN's TeleRadyo Feb ibig edition program with the hashtag Father, I do. ❤️ Who would have thought we will be able to do this ever? Thanks to my... Read More

Dating Lovebirds

Monthsary celebration is becoming not that special to us as compared to those days before we got married. I don’t know, maybe because we were both preoccupied with our everyday responsibilities making us forget those special moments. It was like a mortal sin before if one of us will fail to remember our Monthsary during our younger years (college sweethearts). Who can relate to this? Lol. Our Wedding Anniversary though is an exception! We always find time to celebrate our wedding anniversaries. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate one of the happiest event of being married? It doesn’t need to be... Read More

First and Foremost

I am an avid blog reader of different genres of   blog entries. I like reading topics about DIY projects, discussions about marriage and parenting (I am a mother of a cute baby boy), budget travel and latest fashion trends. While reading one of my favorite blog entries, I was so carried over by my emotions while reading the story. Somehow, I felt connected emotionally to the writer. I then realized, why not start my own blog and touch peoples’ lives and share my own thoughts. So this is how it all begun. Let me share my love story as my first entry for my blog.♥ Me and... Read More