Christmas Pool and Dinner Family Gathering

How was your Christmas celebration? I had one of the happiest, simple yet memorable. As agreed, we stayed in our house to celebrate the Holiday season. Yey! For the very first time, finally our little home was filled with happiness during the most joyful season of the year. We used to celebrate it in my parents home. I’m thankful everyone was happy about my suggestion. Because I am the host for tonight, I had to take charge of the preparation. My list for the grocery items were all prepared at the back of my head. Do you also do that... Read More

Family Manito Manita

We started our family Manito Manita on the second week of December and had everyone picked the names to whom they are going to give the gifts to. It’s a bit late when we started our Kris Kringle activity compared to the previous years. You know how the busy schedule of a working momma like me may sometimes leave other commitments missed unintentionally.☺ From six participants, we now have a total of seven Manitos/Manitas adding our newest member of the family, Eric. He is my sister’s boyfriend. Yay! The more, the merrier. After everyone had their assigned Santa Clause, next... Read More