Christmas Pool and Dinner Family Gathering

How was your Christmas celebration? I had one of the happiest, simple yet memorable. As agreed, we stayed in our house to celebrate the Holiday season. Yey! For the very first time, finally our little home was filled with happiness during the most joyful season of the year. We used to celebrate it in my parents home. I’m thankful everyone was happy about my suggestion.

Because I am the host for tonight, I had to take charge of the preparation. My list for the grocery items were all prepared at the back of my head. Do you also do that mommas? Making a mental plan before any event so you’ll know how to organize the things you needed. I find it helpful!

My original plan was just to cook our Noche Buena and not to buy any ready made food for tonight, have dinner and that’s it. It turned out to be a home pool family gathering unexpectedly because my child requested to buy an inflatable pool when we passed by SM City before heading home. Akyn always makes things more interesting.

He kept on asking to have an hour of play to his favorite play pen but because we were carrying so many stuff with us, it’s going to be great hassle to find a place to leave them. I made a deal with the persistent little man to buy a toy instead of playing. Yes, he agreed. Thanks God!

His first choice was a huge indoor slide amounting to 5K. Seriously! The frugal mom had to give him a BIG NO. Akyn’s choices unfailingly makes my jaw drop every time. His next choice was the inflatable pool. The first thing I checked was the price and then the size. Great, it was within my budget. I should have agreed to his original request to play for a play pen for only P150-P250 per hour. That was way cheaper compared to his orders.

Got this from Toy Kingdom. They have several options available in different sizes ranging from P1500 as the cheapest to P3000. This one pretty much fits our space at home.


It’s indeed a happy Christmas for our little boy.

With his water gun with him

This inflatable pool can accommodate to at least 2 adults and 2 kids. We’ve tried it with my sister.☺





It felt like we were really having a pool trip coz after dipping from the water we can have our snacks in between. Awesome! My Mama helped me prepare for our dinner. Your cooking can never go wrong if your mother is with you. ☺


For the health conscious Papa and Mon, we served them their request for a fish recipe.

Grilled Stuffed Bangus

While I was busy taking photos with our food, Akyn requested for a shot. His own way of saying he’s excited to eat.

I can’t wait to eat them all.


Deep fried Chicken, Lumpia and Bread Cordon Bleu made by my sister. Not bad for her first try to cook.
Our all time favorite Macaroni Salad

My Mama’s Apritada.


My heart and my tummy were both happy.


Merry Christmas everyone.


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