York Travel Part 1

It's the first day of our national lockdown here. How does it feel? Kind of the same situation during the first lockdown where non essential stores are close again like pubs, gyms and shopping centres. People are ask to stay at home more not unless going out for an important reason. Schools are still open though which would mean an everyday walk with my boy in going to school. We're being vigilant in updating ourselves with the recent announcements from the government because every now and then new laws tend to be implemented unexpectedly. I do hope everyone is coping... Read More

The Funny Boots

Having loads of bloopers in life would mean getting plenty of happy thoughts to look back making our lives a bit full of joy. You know those days when we're fully out of our sanity and then we'll just say," Oh, no shucks I did it wrong again!" It's absolutely good to be cautious in every move we do, I  agree. But for me my take is, half-witted events don't necessarily equates to foolishness. We need some icebreakers sometimes, don't we? So, here's one of my imbecilic moment again. Last week, Michio my close friend asked me to attend the mass at twelve... Read More