The Funny Boots

Having loads of bloopers in life would mean getting plenty of happy thoughts to look back making our lives a bit full of joy. You know those days when we’re fully out of our sanity and then we’ll just say,” Oh, no shucks I did it wrong again!” It’s absolutely good to be cautious in every move we do, I  agree. But for me my take is, half-witted events don’t necessarily equates to foolishness. We need some icebreakers sometimes, don’t we?

So, here’s one of my imbecilic moment again. Last week, Michio my close friend asked me to attend the mass at twelve noon. Ok then no worries as it was my rest day with  no schedule to catch up for the entire day. I just love rest days! Excited to plan my OOTD for the day and because it’s the boots season now, eagerly tried on my brown boots I got since 2014. Yes, that’s how long I’ve been keeping it. It appeared perfectly fit still even after how many years of keeping.

While walking towards St. Stephen on my way to the church, I heard a squeaky sound following me. What was that? Trying to look around me locating the mysterious sound which it stopped eventually when trying to find it. Continued walking and I’ve heard it again. When I looked down to my shoes, (OMG) the sole of my left boots is starting to come off. “Did anybody notice it?” was my first concern after the embarrassing event. Gladly, nobody was next to me. Ripped the sole of my boots as fast as I could before anybody would pass through, kept it in my bag and continued walking. It’s too late for me to go back home or else I’ll be late for the mass. To be fair, my boots didn’t break down into pieces although its sole was gone.

After the mass we went straight to the shoe store to get a new pair of footwear for me. In the middle of shopping we’ve heard another squeaking sound again and guess what! The sole of the right boots started to come off as well. That day was the most epic fail OOTD moments of me. LOL. I just couldn’t help but laugh hard during this unfortunate event.

Took the photo of my boots before finally saying adios to them. Huhuhu

Decided to get a new pair of brown boots from Skechers because I definitely wouldn’t want to experience this mishap again. Availed for a 10% discount using my Bluelight card. Yay, one of the perks of NHS staff!

Look at that how pretty they are.

I am all set for winter with them. I can withstand long walks using these very comfortable boots.

It’s when comfort and fashion combined into one.

OOTD: Top given by Emma my friend, Leggings from Primark, Boots from Skechers, Sling Bag* TK Maxx

Anyhow, my morning agenda was done with a big smile. Had to fetch my Akyn from school together with Mon and because I’m a happy Momma, did treat them for a short coffee snack in Costa before heading home.

Espresso Macchiato
Sweet treat for Akyn

My dates discussing a serious meeting of what to eat for our dinner. LOL

Don’t take life seriously coz it’s going to make you bored if you do. Chill, laugh and be foolish sometimes (oftentimes for me).

Lovely morning fellas.


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