My First Shein Order

Gloomy foggy day it is. We are getting nearer to the coldest season of the year in each passing day. Not an exciting season for me because I don't like coldness. I'm not like Elsa or Ana of the Frozen. LOL😂The weather might be cold but I still hope our hearts would remain the warmth needed to console each other's gloominess at times. 😍 This is one of the reasons why I super love my blog and my FB blog page as it's my venue to share my cordial personality to inspire others. Not letting anyone else dull our sparkles... Read More

Always A Beginner

Gloomy weather for the rest of the day this week and so do my mood is. To lift my state of my mind I kept on replaying the video of Coldplay in collaboration with Queen Bey singing Hymn for the Weekend. I find the RnB beat and the message of the song both interesting. One of the song's line says, "LIFE IS A DRINK and LOVE IS A DRUG. Oh yeah, definitely life is drink but it will depend on you what fluid will you take in be it the irresistibly sweet one or the bitter taste which can make... Read More