Dumaguete Mementos (Souvenir Shopping)

There are a lot of souvenir items that a traveler can find in Dumaguete for an affordable cost. We bought most of our souvenirs in Handuman Souvenir Shop, one of the local stores in the city.  You can check their Facebook Page to inquire more about their low-cost products. Their gift items were way cheaper compared to mall prices. Also, the quality of the merchandise from Handuman Souvenir Shop was undeniably good though it didn't cost that much compared to mall gift items. Let me share to you some of the gift shopping that we did in Dumaguete. This colorful... Read More

Trip to Dumaguete ( The City Tour 2nd Half)

After we roamed around the city for the first half of the day, we opted to eat our lunch first before returning back to the Gazebo Pension House. We visited the Robinson's Place, the largest shopping mall in Dumaguete,Negros Oriental and had our lunch there. We had a quick tour inside the mall and I was so delighted seeing Sans Rival Bistro, one of my top priorities to visit in my bucket list. This restaurant is known for their signature dessert, the famous Silvanas. It would be very hard for someone to resist its tempting sweetness. We wouldn't be able to... Read More