Dumaguete Mementos (Souvenir Shopping)

There are a lot of souvenir items that a traveler can find in Dumaguete for an affordable cost. We bought most of our souvenirs in Handuman Souvenir Shop, one of the local stores in the city.  You can check their Facebook Page to inquire more about their low-cost products. Their gift items were way cheaper compared to mall prices. Also, the quality of the merchandise from Handuman Souvenir Shop was undeniably good though it didn’t cost that much compared to mall gift items. Let me share to you some of the gift shopping that we did in Dumaguete.

This colorful backpack only cost Php 185.00. I like the cloth fabric and the bag slings are sturdy enough to carry your stuff that you’ll place inside it.


These two printed shirts were for my Dad and my Mom which cost Php 210.00 per piece . The cloth is better compared to the shirts sold inside the mall.

Another locally made shoulder bag for only Php 225.00. I gave this as a gift to my sister.


We bought two items from Island Souvenir in Robinson’s Place Dumaguete. I bought a shirt for my toddler with a printed design of the city name. There was no available toddler-sized shirt in Handuman. This white shirt cost Php199.00.


My parents bought this black shoulder bag for Php 245.00. I’m not that impressed with the cloth quality. The fabric is too thin and it can’t even retain its bag shape. I do love the outside print which was colorfully designed.


I also added another magnet collection for my fridge. I bought this for Php 120.00. I love the Belfry Tower design on it.


We wouldn’t be leaving the city without buying their famous delicacies from Sans Rival Bistro. I bought 1 box of Silvanas chocolate flavored for Php 180.00 and 2 boxes of buttered Silvanas for Php 150.00 for each box.




The rest of the food delicacies were from Bongbong’s Piaya and Pasalubong located inside the Robinson’s Place Mall. Prices range from Php 50.00 to Php 150.00.


Hope you enjoyed reading my shopping adventure.




  1. Ohhh fab haul! And those delicacies look devine!!

    1. Thank you so mucho for visiting.

  2. I like the bag for your sister and the magnets! Cute!

    1. Oh thank you for the kind words.♥

  3. Sounds like if I ever visit I will know where I am going for my gifts.

    1. Thanks for reading. Yes, their gift items are very affordable. You’ll love them.♥♥♥

  4. This was really interesting to read. I love to see what other people have bought and this was new to me.

    1. Thanks for reading Angela. I’m glad you love it.♥♥

  5. I love your bag! it is so cute! I love the fabric and colors

    1. Thanks for reading. It’s a bag that you can carry everyday. I’m happy you like it.

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