Hey Poppet

"When are you going to work again Poppet?" one of my service users asked me when I was about to end my shift. I wonder why most of them call me this term but when I searched on what's the English meaning of this endearment, I was touched. I'm blessed to have met such sweet wonderful people in this lifetime at work. "I'll be back tomorrow to see you smile again," my genuine response of eagerness to work with the same bay the following night. How was the first graveyard shift? It wasn't as relaxed as I pictured it out... Read More

Surviving Living In A Foreign Land

I always do have that perception in the past that if people will work abroad especially in western countries, life will get easier compared to how things are going back home. Many still got the same way of thinking like mine typically to those who haven't tried working miles away from their homeland. Am I correct or am I totally CORRECT? Choose your answer between the two. Lol. Well, we can't blame them as it is what they usually observe on how the life of an overseas worker improve after working for quite sometime earning a currency higher than a... Read More