Surviving Living In A Foreign Land

I always do have that perception in the past that if people will work abroad especially in western countries, life will get easier compared to how things are going back home. Many still got the same way of thinking like mine typically to those who haven’t tried working miles away from their homeland. Am I correct or am I totally CORRECT? Choose your answer between the two. Lol.

Well, we can’t blame them as it is what they usually observe on how the life of an overseas worker improve after working for quite sometime earning a currency higher than a Philippine peso. However, have you seen their lives when they’re all alone on their workplace? Have you heard them cry during those instances of feeling homesick? Have you ever thought how they managed to survive the ordeal to be out of their comfort zone?

The life of an overseas worker is a test of both the physical and emotional strength. It will squeeze the resilience level you have for you to endure challenges you’ve never imagined you’ll get exposed to. I am speaking from my own experience as a first time working Momma across to the other world.

How did I make it? Several adjustments to make, honestly. The meat of my post today are the new things to expect in working abroad.

  • Getting used to do things by your own– I have no choice but to get my beautiful behind moving everyday. I have nobody to rely on to do things for me. Unlike in the Philippines were hiring for a personal nanny is affordable but here, no. Every individual or family independently does their own chores by themselves not unless if you are part of the Royal family. It’s not that tough anyway because most of the household tasks can be completed using an electric powered appliance. I can finish washing my laundry using an electric washer while preparing my meal. See, how convenient. Nevertheless, it still didn’t remove the fact that I need to work things on my own. Challenging, isn’t it?


  • Walking is the best exercise– I can neither say I hate it nor admit I am always loving the thought of walking around. The modes of transportation here are excellent for regular commuters. Big tidy buses sticking to their regular schedules is something I felt blessed to experience. The weather for now is quite nice to walk, it’s just that walking with large grocery bags with us from the bus stop to our house is one of my worst nightmare, really. I’m going to be the female version of Johnny Bravo in the near future because of this. Heaven forbid!received_2262795343982124.jpeg
  • Learn to make friends– My family won’t be available if I badly needed anyone to be with me. Who will then be my loyal companions when I’ll be at my lowest? I am thankful to my little circle of Filipino friends. Treasure those who love you and surely they’ll reciprocate your kindness to them.received_476018612939028.jpeg
  • Set your mind to love your job– I must admit how tiring it would feel every end of my shift at the hospital. It never failed to make me feel completely knackered upon retiring to bed each night after a long day. But you know what, my body may feel exhausted but my heart is rejoicing in happiness knowing I made someone smile every time. Whatever job you may be doing as long as you set your mind to start it positively, you’ll definitely be attracting the good vibes for the rest of your work shift. (wink)


  • Weather app is my new best friend- As I’ve written in my previous post here that UK’s weather is a bit moody. It would be best to check the weather forecast for the day to get dressed appropriate. I hate putting lots of layers of clothes when the sun is out or shivering in coldness because of leaving my coat at home. I’m making it a part of my daily routine to view the app.


  • Never forget to pray– God will never forsake His children. My faith in Him is my strongest weapon to surpass everything. I can’t be where I am now if the good Lord didn’t allow His merciful heart to grant my dream’s realization. I owe my success unto Him and will offer my pure service to my vulnerable service users in accordance to His will.



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