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Another Monday madness for the most working class but for me, it’s a Monday bliss as usual. Sorry for rubbing it in pretty Mommas because I just can’t contain my happiness to look forward for this day, my rest day!🤣I’ve heard some notions about working overseas life, before I decided to work abroad, that life will turn out to be boring filled with all work concept, no fun, all stress, missery and only monetary gains. But then I’ve proven it all wrong as the quality of our lives whether we are in our homeland or somewhere miles away from home, will depend on our life choices. If we know how to have fun, how to balance life and work, then distance from our comfort zone’s life being an OFW doesn’t really matter. I’m still having so much fun with my family here when I’m away from the hospital although I surely miss my parents and my sister but life seems to be generous in giving me more reasons to smile everyday.

I’m not saying everything is always perfect living abroad because that’s such a ludicrous idea to say. I’ve experienced worse days, met selfish obnoxious creatures attempting to ruin my peace of mind, cried for things I’m sure it will only make me smirk when I’ll look back these moments in the future and the list continues. Not everyday is a sunshine! I felt thankful enough to all the people with genuine concern to pick me up when things get messy. I am a great believer that if a person has the purest heart to let the goodness in them reigns, thy Heavens will surely not let the darkest cloud stay forever. I try my best to find joy in everything I have, my family, my truest people around me and all the enormous blessings I had received whilst staying in the UK. Afterall, life is short! Let’s make the best of everything and cut any sources of negativity trying to turn our happy life upside down, shall we?

Here are some of my simple ways that never fail to lighten up my day everytime. I would say my happy obsession I’m so excited about.

🤎Yes, thift shopping. I can hear my avid readers shouting in their heads on what’s going to be first on the list. This is me making my mirror selfie before we went out to shopping with my Akyn. The weather gets warmer everyday and so as my mood.😂

Both my Primark tan colored tank top and the white Next shoes were thrifted. And to the add to the excitement, they still looked so brand new with tags on when I bought them like never been used.

🤎Second, my book addiction. These are few of those stories I’ve read. I didn’t include yet my TBR (to be read) books on this photo. I don’t know but everytime I read, I felt like I am being brought to the world of the stories I am into. They are all fiction yet exciting. I’m already viewing some Pinterest bookshelves design to store my new babies. I’m planning to read them again because why not?😂

This is the latest book I’ve finished, The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas. If you are into romantic comedy genres then I would suggest you to read this. It’s seriously entertaining how Aaron and Catalina tried their best to deny what their hearts truly feel for each other. I got it from the Tesco in St Stephen in town. I think you can also get a copy in Amazon or in the Waterstones book shop.

🤎 Third is house little make over. I am always in my best mood everytime I can see some nice changes in our little lair just like this wasted space near our fridge. I’ve been procastinating in improving it because of so many options to choose to change it. I finally decided to add another kitchen cupboard to store our Akyn’s snack. He’s a hundred percent a snacker and would always look for something to grab when at home. Getting this space to place all his yummy treats will make it easier for him where to look for his fave.

That’s my little snacker. By the way, the wooden wall art in the photo was made by yours truly. It’s one of my very first painted project at home when we first moved in.

I requested him to be the model of the improved corner in our kitchen by showing it in the photo not blocking the view. Duh! He’s just too cute for this photo not to be included in my blog.

Taddaan, my snacking cupboard still giving the farmhouse vibe theme I wanted to maintain in our house decor pieces. I painted the old thrifted wooden carpenter toolbox with matt white and also did the DIY farm fresh label. Then used it as a tea bag holder instead. All the decors including the wall framed bunnies are from the thrift store perfect for spring. I’m so in love with the outcome. Another aced!

Now who says life can be boring? Those are only three from the hundred of lists I want to do when I’m in the perfect comfort of our own house and for sure you got plenty of your own choices source of enjoyment, too. Beat them with your happiness.

Morning fellas.


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