Beautiful Memories

It’s my favorite time to sit in front of my study table after my long day, alone with my headset popped inside my ears listening to some old OPM music (Original Pilipino Music) because I can finally relax and have some ME time. It’s a helpful habit beautiful mommas to release unwanted negativities of the day. Try it sometimes.

How was my day today? I’m happy to explore some stores near my house accommodation. Good thing few of them were open today though it’s a bank holiday in the UK. Their bank holidays here is equivalent to our legal holidays in the Philippines. So, most of the establishments were close because it’s their time to be with their families. For us who got no loved ones to spend with here, we used it to go in groups of friends shopping or travelling somewhere nice.(shrugged shoulders)

We first hopped in to ASDA Superstore in Hessle Road. My boredom slowly changed to excitement while checking each aisle. I never knew this shopping vice is so therapeutic to me. Would you believe that? I got few food haul enough for my weekly snacks. I’m starting to get hungry again seeing this photo.


and my obsession to school supplies was also satisfied with my new gel pens. Yey!


Another new store we managed to visit is the Boyes store in Hessle Road. My heart rate was beating so fast because of how affordable their items were. I’ve been looking for a laundry basket for a few weeks now. Gladly, they had one which was on sale for only GBP 1.99. Wow! The price range of a plastic laundry hamper here ranges from ten to twenty pounds. Apart from this, we’ve also found a set of pajama reduced to five pounds from fifteen pounds. Where can you find a nice quality cloth pajama set with such cheap amount? Gosh, this day is a very lucky day for me.


It’s a happy day to wrap it. However, my day could have been perfect if I am close to my LIFE, my family. I miss them.


It made me miss them more because I’m listening to my favorite old songs while typing this blog. These songs bring the beautiful memory of my journey until the time I came here. Have you tried recollecting your memory lane from your childhood to your teenage life, until you reach your university days then to your married life and finally to your present.

How was it? What emotions did it make you feel?

Awful days made me laugh because obviously I got to overcome them. They weren’t as bad as I thought they were. I’ve just realized it now. On the other hand, happy memories made me teary because I miss them.

Those times when I was a kid playing like there’s no tomorrow and my Mama was already on her way with a stick on her hand ready to hit my bum if she won’t see my shadow in our doorstep.

Our cooking sessions together during town fiestas. We loved dividing chores to prepare for the busy day.

Our irritation when someone will change the channel to watch our favorite evening shows before we retire to sleep.

The Christmas and New Year’s Day eve with the complete family eating and opening our gifts together.

The Sunday Mass we routinely attend not minding if the weather was bad or not as long as we can go together.

Our petty fights, our sweet hugs and kisses, our I love you’s.

Those are all beautiful and will always have a special part of me no matter where I am. I love you all. Remember that

Ate misses you alot.


Mich 😘

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