Botanical Garden, Baguio City

By the moment you will reach the Botanical Garden of Baguio, you will be welcomed by this work of art sculpture made of cement illustrating the different rituals of the native tribes in the area.


Igorots were also more than eager to take a photo with the tourist with a corresponding small fee for posing with them. She gamely posed with a peace sign. So cute, right?


Colorful flowers and different types of trees can be found inside the garden which made it a refreshing place to stay. Walking around the place was not a hassle though it was drizzling when we arrived because the steps and path were stoned as you can see in the photo.


This man-made stoned steps stairs can be found right near the entrance of the garden.


One of the many flowers which caught my eyes. Isn’t she lovely? If I could only take home all those plants, I would gladly do it.


I’m always ready for the rain. I can forget anything in my bag but not my umbrella. The weather in Baguio is unpredictable for this month. It rained while we were there and then a few moments the sun shone. It would be best if you’ll carry your umbrella with you always.


As sweet as the kissing ducks behind us.☺


The giant wood statues are depicting the Igorots tribesmen or Cordillerans carved art woods. Igorots are the ethnic groups who inhabited the mountains of Luzon. As you can see in the photos, those pieces of cloth they are wearing are their traditional outfits.



This shows the Chinese-Filipino friendship relationship. Vibrant red and yellow colored structures in the middle of an artificial jungle. This picture looked like a modern forest with giant trees surrounding the vicinity.


When you’re trying to fit in and you try to mimic what surrounds you. Bravo you made it. You successfully imitated those two laughing statues beside you. Lolz☺


Random shots around the place.☺☺☺



Good news for shoppers! There is a small row of souvenir stalls here selling various native handicrafts, Baguio printed T-shirts, magnets for a cheaper cost. I bought our T-shirts  and fridge magnets here. Colored shirts cost Php 100.00 while white shirts cost 2 for Php 150.00. Affordable prices that can suit your budget,ey?

A cute wooden well just like in fairytales. This reminds me of the Snow White movie where Snow White sings on a wishing well asking for her prince to come.


Happy travel everyone.☺



  1. I love that you posted so many photographs. This is a great blog post I really love the pictures that you posted. What a beautiful place to visit.

    1. Thanks Megan. ???

  2. Wow, Such a lovely place blessed with a mother nature. I am graduate with Botany as a subject and Trust me Had enjoyed the most to such trips to botanical gardens. Loved reading it.

    1. Thanks Jiya. I’m glad you love it. ?

  3. This garden looks absolutely beautiful. How long did it take to visit it?

    1. Thanks Vanessa for your comment. If coming from Manila, bus ride may take up to 7 hours. It’s a quite a distance but the experience of seeing the place is just so worth the effort in getting there.

  4. This looks like such a beautiful place to visit!! loved all the photos you shared : )

    1. Thanks for your comment Julia. It’s a relaxing and beautiful place to visit yes.♥ Glad you liked the photos.

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