Bridlington Sea Front

When I came here I already knew that there are several nice places to visit not just in this country but also to the neighboring countries of the UK. However, I wasn’t expecting I could do travelling without my travel buddies, my Mon and my Akyn. We all love unwinding ourselves from stress by going to places we’ve never been to and we prefer to do it as a family together with Mama and Papa.

Now that I’m away, I never thought it is still going to be part of my bucket list to do it. I’m super thankful to my Filipino friends here who are in the same wavelength with me when it comes to the definition of having fun. Fun means to wander to somewhere relaxed just like the coastal town of Bridlington. Thank you Lord for this happy experience.


My friend Michio was originally invited by one of our senior nurses to join the trip to experience a beach volleyball clinic. It’s like a training for aspiring athletes helping them to gain the skills needed during the actual competition. I find it helpful and at the same time, a great opportunity to meet new friends though the registration fee was a bit costly.

So, going back to how I ended up joining the trip, my invited friend also invited me to go with them even if I am not going to join the said training. I said yes without a blink of an eye. Who wouldn’t say yes to it if both the fare plus the food were all for free? I only needed to literally bring myself on that day. Yey!

Because it was a beach, I was thinking of wearing shorts and a not so covered top but then I added a denim jacket just in case it was going to get chilly.


Should I put on stockings or not?” My question before leaving.


Thankfully, I ended up wearing one because their beach during this time was so FREEZING. Seriously! They lent us some thick jackets when we arrived since our denim jackets weren’t thick enough to make us feel warm.

Lesson learned: Never underestimate the weather. No more denims when it’s cold sweetie.


We set up a tent as a place to eat and store our bags. The tent was very helpful in keeping us warm while our bodies’ temperature was still adjusting to the environmental coldness.


Karen and Bea with my little help to taste it (lol) made our very well known Philippine delicacy called Palitaw. It was so mouth watering guys. Love it.


While they were busy doing warm ups for their practice game,


We were also busy doing our own sport, the Patintero. Hello to all 90’s kids reading this post. I know you missed this game as well.


Near to where we set up the tent is a small store selling food and beach toys. We haven’t purchased any because they would only accept cash payment. I used to pay cash before but now, I feel safer to pay using my card rather than bringing tons of cash with me. Totally different from what we used to do in the Philippines, right?


My Akyn would definitely love these. I hope I can bring them here, too someday!


We did some poses instead of buying food from the store. We we’re pretending to be one of the customers on this photo.


and more shots. Thank you Charles for your awesome camera. We got good shots because of you it. Lol😂


There were small cottages (I’m not sure what to call them) where you can use it if you don’t have a tent to stay.


Just right above the beach were sitting benches for you to savor the beautiful scenery of the waves of the sea slowly hitting the shore, and the bright sun touching your cold skin giving you comfort not to shiver due to the coldness of the wind. How amazing!


We took the opportunity of being there to stroll around the town with our feet ONLY. Did we just beat the five thousand steps target per day? I bet we did.



I’m so happy seeing dandelions in every green grass here. I should not miss getting one then making a wish after.


Walking a bit farther from the sea front to their town, you’ll see lots of stores selling beautiful crafts, souvenirs and sweets. We passed by this beautiful house on our way to the town proper.


and this one too.


Hi sweet lovers! You may want to put Bridlington as part of your target destinations to visit. Loads of sweet available in town.

Candy Store


The cold weather didn’t stop us from getting an ice cream costing us almost a pound for one scoop.


I was most amazed seeing an arcade game center in here. Not just that, they also got a little funfair with a number of rides for the kids and to the kids at heart like us(ahem)😝




I can afford to ride those non challenging rides like Bumper cars and Merry-Go-Round. However, I won’t dare at ALL trying those nerve-racking rides making me feel like it’s going to be the last day of your life. NO WAY! I hate it when it scares the dickens out of me.😥

I simply pose near those rides instead.



Here are few of the souvenir shops in town.



Harry Potter collectibles.


My favorite tin cans.


Our main aim in walking around the town was to reach their lighthouse situated at the opposite end from the beach where we at. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get near to it as it was restricted for tourist to come nearer. So, I took a photo few steps away and zoomed out the shot to see the details clearer for you.


A statue of a lady knitting.


We managed to get a photo with the three of us present on it because we got an extra hand to do so like the hands of the octopus. Would you believe it? Seriously, we met few kind locals offering themselves voluntarily to get the shot for us. A beautiful place with nice people. Lucky for me to experience such kindness from strangers. Thank you to whoever you are who took our photo.


Before we went back to ur tent and called the day as a wrap, we made sure our tummies were not starving. What’s the most popular dish in the UK? Can you guess? That’s their famous Fish and Chips. All sort of restaurants selling this dish were all over the place. We bought one dish and divided it with the three of us. (frugal travelers).😜


I’m looking forward to get more budget friendly travel experience in the future. I hope I made you enjoy travelling to another place through my blog.


Mich 😍

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