Burn Your Passion

Hola sunny day for me on my only rest day in between hospital duty days. Time to slow down a bit and enjoy my non stressful day. What do you normally do when it’s your day off? Usually I don’t have any strict schedule to follow. However, it’s always a part of my day to never forget my blog. Apart from the fact that this site is a part of my routine, it also became an important piece of my LIFE. It’s like an outlet of myself to voice out all my unspoken opinion, a written documentation of my everyday encounters with humans. It’s a passion I keep on burning no matter how tired I am.

Have you found something you are truly passionate about? If you do then don’t stop honing your skills to improve it be it thru art, music, photography or whichever field you think best interests you.

To be brutally honest, I felt a bit hesitant to create my blog site because of some unreasonable insecurities fueled up by those not so pleasing comments before. But how did I miraculously manage to do it?

Listen to your inner voice of the intensified emotion to start on something you love. If they say you can’t do it, show them you can surpass their expectations. Let your success be your noise. I never expected before my blog can create collaboration from sponsors asking me to write for them but they came without expecting it. The world is hearing my voice through my writing. I will continue to do what I love in writing for my Akynfullhouse.

Spend time to your interest. “I got plenty of things to do. I’m so tired to start my plans for it. I just can’t!” These are few of the phrases that will never get you anywhere. Remember, a thousand journey begins with a single step. How can we achieve something if we aren’t even willing to spend a little portion of our time to start working on our passion? After work I do always feel knackered to do anything. So, what I do is to write a post during my rest days. There will always be a way if we want to make things happen.

Continue to seek self improvement. Few are already blessed with in born talents. Lucky for them because they only need a little polishing of skills to become the master in their chosen field of career. However, those talents won’t blossom not unless continuous nurturing will take place. Seek advice to those people who got the same interest as you do. Read, build connections and never stop learning. In my case, I never stop writing as my way to develop my speed in creating ideas to ignite my readers sentiments.

Do we share the same thoughts about igniting our passion? I hope we do. I’ll let you see my little headquarter in my flat as to where I comfortably write. Tadaann


This is a peg board. Bought it from Primark enclosed with letters on it for you to choose what message to put in. It made my station a bit personalized. The silence on this corner is too golden for me to create ideas for my site.


It’s time for me to start my day as I hit the publish button in my screen. I’ll leave you with this statement,

Continue to stimulate your mind in developing your passion. It’s the driving force to make our lives a bit inspiring to live with.


Good morning.


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