Collections of Fear

Wondered how the 31st of October is celebrated here. Will there be fancy costumes of children knocking door to door asking for sweets? Shall I see jack o’lantern just like in American type of Halloween celebration? Excited to tell you, I did witness all of these in my DREAMS because I was asleep all day coming from a night shift duty. Looser!

This is one of my favorite time of the year for there will be lots of horror films to watch on TV starting from the news segment featuring real ghost stories to the midnight program. I love horror films but I hate getting scared? Lunatic way of thinking, I know right?

I’m easily scared even with the tiniest nonsense horror pranks. That’s why since I started living in my own flat, I stopped watching scary films. I won’t feed my fear with the wrong usage of my imagination. Many would say you have to face your fear. Prove to yourself you can still manage to witness those paranormal scenes without anyone with you in the darkness of the night. Probably true to some but for me my take is to face it when you are ready. Don’t torture yourself forcing to overcome something you aren’t ready yet to conquer, Take baby steps if you need to. We know are own pace to get through something, not them. (wink)

Had my own share of Halloween experience last night. It totally woke up my sleeping soul while on duty. Ready to get scared to hear my story? LOL.

It was already midnight when I started doing my rounds to check every patient in the room if they were all comfortably sleeping snugged under their thick blankets. Heard a beeping sound from one of my patient’s intravenous fluid machine regulator. Went to the three bedded room with the lights already turned off and headed straight to the bed where the machine is alarming. Pressed the reset key to stop it from beeping and gave a quick check to the patient if she’s been fine through the night. About to go to the door, drawn the curtains to find the exit and to my surprise, a lady carrying her stick looking straight towards me with her disheveled white long hair was standing at the back of the curtain. She almost made me scream. My heartbeat stopped for a moment when I saw her. She looked like a white lady clothed in patient’s gown. Guess who was the apparition looking scary woman. She’s my patient from the next bed complaining about the machine beeping for ages.“It beeped non stop.” “I can’t sleep,” she said this without noticing how surprised I was seeing her waiting behind the curtains for me to come out. My patients are really capable of activating all types of emotions from me.

Bet you have your own heart jumping experience, too? I do hope it’s as funny as mine. This made my shift a little less tiring.


Happy cold Halloween everyone.



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