Dare to Bare

Spending a quite sweaty morning alone doing my routine gym activity with my headset in place playing the same music all over again. Guess what song was on repeat mode? It’s Get Ugly by Jason Derulo. I would prefer to listen to an upbeat song when I’m running as it distracts me from getting too concentrated with my exhaustion and inspires me more to push myself harder with every rhythmic stresses of the music. Amazing with how my endurance can now withstand running for an hour without breaks in between. I don’t have plans yet of joining  any marathon. Just simply building my immunity to fatigue. Nurses are prone to weariness, aren’t we?

What’s something exciting for today aside from the routinely workout activity? Pretty Mommas found something you might as well been looking for. Went to drop by Boots Pharmacy near Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym and I’m excited to show these.

Remington Epilators


I don’t shave my legs merely because my leg hairs aren’t that disgusting to look at. However, I’ve noticed that having leg hairs here in the UK isn’t something nice to see for ladies. I’m into wearing skimpy shorts and skirts exposing my legs often. I find these clothes comfortable compared to wearing a pair of pants, honestly. Wear the clothes you find it cosy regardless on what others may say. If they say you’re showing to much flesh, confidently answer them back,”Be glad I’m not getting naked yet in front of you!”(smirked and flip yah hair)LOL

I tried using the epilator right away to check if it’s really working well or else I’m going to return it. Wow! It did work delivering fast and efficient hair removal leaving my skin tidy hair-free. Love it Ladies. I can dare to bare hairless now.

Got these features from the product insert:

  • Battery operated lady shaver
  • Improved cutting performance with double-sided intercept trimmer and single foil*
  • Moisturising strip with added aloe vera for a gentle shave
  • Showerproof – use dry or in the bath or shower
  • Anti-slip grip for comfort and control
  • Bikini trimming attachment comb
  • Battery Operated (2x AAA Included)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Beauty Bag
  • 2+1 year guarantee
The second item on the list is the Tresemme Hair Straightener For salon smoothness and shine 

Because of my work hair ethics requirement which is to tie my hair while on duty, my beautiful crowning glory is always exposed to getting damaged. I hate it. Can you see the waves in between?


Yeah I know I already got that black straight hair since birth but I’m too obsessed of maintaining it free from unwanted wave. Hair treatment is too much expensive here. For the mean time, I can use this hair straightening iron to help me control of my styling. It does the trick temporarily though. I would suggest also using Tresemme conditioner for better results. (wink)

Share me some of your great beauty finds too by dropping a comment below.

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  1. How’s the experience using the epilator? Did it hurt? I’ve always wanted to try it but too afraid to buy one and waste it after a single use In case it hurts too much. 😆

    1. Hi Ren… It’s absolutely painless and easy to use… I’m quite happy with the result. It’s worth trying.😘

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