DIY Wall Frame

Couldn’t believe I’ve spent the whole day in bed after my consecutive night shifts! I must be very exhausted I should say. But to be honest, although it is true that nursing is a demanding job asking so much from our energy, I still feel excited everyday in going to work merely because it’s not boring. I love it when it’s busy and you’re trying to compete with the time to finish all your errands as it makes the shift pass without noticing it.

While having my dinner in our staff room a doctor asked me,”How do you manage to do a non-stop moving all day Michelle?” “You’re really working so hard with this type of job of ours to be part of the medical team.” Smiled and responded,”If it’s our calling to do this profession, it will never be a tiring day to report on duty. Wouldn’t you agree with me? Did I sound like answering a beauty pageant question and answer thingy. (LOL) Seriously guys we can always tell to ourselves whether this is the job we wanted to grow old with or not. When you aren’t contented with what you do and reporting to work felt like a routine struggle to go on shift sooner or later we will always find the work that fits us. Trust me. I’ve been there!

So, what’s the plan for the entire rest day? Excited to share to you one of my favorite collections to do which you all know about, the printing of hard copies of pictures  special to me. Here in the UK, I use the online application called FREE PRINTS to order for a printed copies of my chosen shots. Delivery is quick and I am quite impressed with that making me a regular customer of them.

Planned to decorate my bare living room to accomplish a homey chill place of my flat where I can say this is really my customized hide out. It’s where I do my blogging stuff so I might as well do something with it to inspire me in writing, isn’t it?

My first on the list was to look for a nice wall frame. Look at what I found. A heaven sent photo frame with my blog’s tag line, LIVE LOVE LAUGH. UK is obviously supporting my hobby because every store I go to, I could constantly find something related to my site. You’re plans to bring me here Lord is just so amazing. Thank you.


And because I only rent my flat here, I can’t just drill a hole on the wall without asking permission from my Landlord if I could do it or not. To be safe, I looked for a Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips from the same store in B&M. It will tell you the capacity of the item it can hold saving us from worrying it might drop the frame anytime. Learned this from one of my favorite UK based nurse vlogger posting IG stories for all her DIY stuff. Thank you English Pinay!


This is how I arranged my printed photos. Hello superman Akyn.




Placed my desk photo frame in my little blog station.


The place where I pour all my sentiments through writing.


I know it’s no longer Christmas but I still wanted to have my gray Santa Claus displayed here reminding me to be grateful always even if it’s not December. Our Christmas Tree in the Philippines is still up until now as Akyn refuses to have it kept. Everyday is a Christmas day for us then.


Felt productive on my rest day. Happy to see my place slowly getting the ambiance of being a real home. Find ways to make you happy despite of being alone for now.





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