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Wake me up when September ends. Have you heard of this song? Quite popular before, yeah. This month is about to end. Gosh! I’m running out of breath catching up with how time moves so fast. I must be too preoccupied not minding the quick flipping of my calendar. Believe it or not I am about to celebrate my first monthsary of stay in my flat. Yay!

Every month’s target of mine is to continuously improve my place by completing each bits and bobs needed to make it feel homey. Do you do that as well in your house?

You will know what’s lacking in it once you’ll start living in your place. Oh, I need this for my kitchen. This one for my bedroom, and so the list continues. It’s exciting to reflect your own manner of style to the way you beautify your home. Agree?

So, what’s up with our latest project? Because it’s my divine rest day(lol), got the chance to do some shopping in Hessle road, one of my favorite destinations to unwind. Went to a thrift shop to see their latest home decorations. Check this out, a pretty simple wooden desk organizer for only fifty pence.

At first glance I knew I love it. Love at first sight baby? Just not sure on what to use it for not until I came home to figure out on what I’m going to do with it. I’ll put my sweets in here but I have to do a little make over first. Chose to paint it with white. Still in progress for now. 🔨

Next is to tidy up my bathroom. As you can see my toiletries are all over the place. Badly needed something to group them all together.

Found this stainless organizer which can be used either in the kitchen or in the toilet whichever suits your need.

Here in the UK most of the home improvement task are done by yourself. Do it your own as they may call it. Hiring for someone to do minor renovation is pretty costly. The same thing in buying furniture. A lot of those sold in the market would still needed to be assembled by the buyer. The problem is I have a little patience in assembling stuff. This one took me ages and tons of patience to get done. Arrgh!😫

Bought an additional clothes rail to hang my clothes to air dry them. This one didn’t burn out my patience though. A bit easier to get done. Thank Lord.

Enough to dry my uniform.

That’s my productive day off doing My adulting 101 which never stops now that I am independently living in my own miles away from my comfort zone. It’s indeed testing my endurance to survive despite the cruelness of being homesick. Setting my no backing down mode to continue this dream. Hope you do the same, too.

Mich 😘

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