Hobby Craft and The Range

A quite morning on a bank holiday. Good morning pretty Mommas! So thrilled to be off from a stressful worklife. LOL🤣🤣🤣

On a rest shift plus bank holiday is equivalent to a chill fam day to be together. We’re planning to explore more shops later in the afternoon as the weather is quite gloomy to stay outdoor and play. A little cold with drizzling rain this morning made me realized that summer is slowly coming to an end. Noooooo! I ain’t ready for colder seasons.

Anyway, last weekend we did visit Hobby Craft with my Akyn. It’s one of my fave shops to visit in Hull. It’s not that big store but I could certainly stay there for hours just browsing all their DIY stuff on display. The last time I visited here was three years ago when I used to go on a gym situated near to this shop. I stopped my gym membership during Covid first wave. Who would want to go anywhere when the pandemic started? I’m thinking of reinstating my membership. We’ll see if I won’t be that lazy ball who prefers to stay in bed when it’s cold. 🤣🤣🤣 Let’s get fat together, shall we?

Look at the stickers and the stamping items. Loads of choices to choose from. Akyn’s holding a wooden meter stick because this Momma wants to be a seamstress now. Never too old to learn something new as they say.

Colorful tissue paper can be used in gift wrapping or if you want to artistically wrap your package for your business.

Took this shot to show the colorful arc of yarn above Akyn but I guess I took the shot in the wrong direction. I took the back portion of it. Bummer!

I’ll be using the two cute bunnies to cover the stain in one of my white trousers. These pack of colorful cloth for my DIY sewing project soon while Akyn bought the wooden letter A standee with Christmas leaves toppers for his own DIY project.

Opposite to the Hobby Craft is the Range. I didn’t know they had another branch here now near Odeon. I really thought their only store is in Clough road. I’m glad I got more options where to go when I’m looking for home decor needs.

Who’s obsessed with wooden decorations? Me!🤣🤣🤣 Too bad they didn’t have a pig design for chopping board which I’ve been looking for quite sometime. They only got the elephant design butcher board.😯

Asked him to pose and he gave me this.😎

I was so elated when I saw this pretty tapestry displayed near the entrance door. I immediately said,“You are definitely going home with us!” I displayed this in our bedroom. I got a tapestry stored in my Amazon cart for months and never checked it out because I’m not willing to pay a shipping fee. I can now delete the item in my basket because I finally found one. Who can relate to those keeping items in their cart but never got the courage to check them out? Count me in Mommas!😁

Also, had to change our downstairs old toilet seat which looked very ancient. It’s very easy to put in by the looks of it. Mon was the one who installed it while I’m the plan maker as usual.

We did proceed to a nearby park soaking ourselves up under the lovely warmth of Mr. Sunshine. I’m missing the sunny weather.

Simple activities to do together as a family like going to shops or even parks make my day 100% brighter. This Momma is always looking forward for more family love to share.😍😍😍

  1. Family projects and crafts a re a great way to bond and spend quality rtime together

  2. I love all the photos and details you provide about hobby craft and the range. I love to do crafts with my daughter, and the fun part is going to the craft store to pick out everything we need!

  3. I love craft stores! It looks like the one you went to has a great selection!

  4. I haven’t heard of this store before. Sounds like an awesome place to go shopping! I would love it there.

  5. Love exploring craft stores and your post reminds me it is time for me and my daughter to make a trip to one soon 🙂

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