It’s Cold

It’s still autumn here but the coldness of the weather feels like winter. This chilly season never fails to give me a morning struggle to go out of bed especially when I am scheduled to report on duty and I have to convince my bum to get up but I refused to because the weather is so conducive for a bedbound mode with Glassgow Coma Scale of three. The struggle is real pretty mommas! 😪

I’m always having a headache early in the morning in going to work because I usually go out of the house with wet hair which is a big no no. Will change that habit, I promise. I’m stocking lots of vitamin C to keep me well.

Say hi please to my winter get up. 😂LOL

Thank God it’s my one day off today. Although I would prefer to stay indoors to spend the rest of the day, to keep my body fit, I have to force myself to go to the gym to shed some fats. Winter time can make you fat if you’ll give in to your bodies’ wants of sleeping the whole day and munching snacks in between while snuggling under your warm thick blankets. Should I call this sacrificial act as self discipline? Yeah, probably that’s the best word to describe it. What do you normally do during this time of the year?☁

After releasing all the negative vibes through my sweats, went to check some stores before going home. I’ve shared a post about the Hobbycraft store, haven’t I? Went there for the second time and gladly to found few of those DIY stuff I’ve been looking for. Tadaann empty glass containers. They were both less than two pounds each. Whoah! Good catch,isn’t it?

Used the empty jar for my sweets and gummies. Got a decent container for my weakness. 😂

I’m having troubles when pouring oil to my pan in cooking because its plastic bottle is too large for my tiny hands to hold. Using this glass bottle definitely made my cooking 101 a lot easier to do. Can you imagine how difficult it is to grab your hands on this huge container? Insanely inconvenient, I know.

Check how sexy she is now.

Apart from these two, my order from Amazon just came in. Yey! Guess what are they for? They’re for my boring wall to add some art on it. What’s more exciting is the sticker message is exactly the same as my blog’s tagline,Live, Love, Laugh.

Place it on top of my headboard to remind me everyday to look on the brighter side of life.

And the other sticker are birds freely enjoying nature. Placed it on top of my crafty corner storage.

It has always been a pleasure of mine to buy stuff for the house. Something that I can use or be pleased seeing everyday in going home from work. I think it goes with age. 😂 AM I THAT OLD? My priorities have changed when I started to have my own family and became a mother. Although, I would still shop for my WANTS versus my needs but there is now a limit on how much should come out from my budget. Do you do the same lovely mommas?

Goodnight 😍


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