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After I finished vacuuming our entire house, here I am again ready to share some exciting updates for our little lair. I prefer to stay more in our house these days compared to before when we were still renting. It felt more homey to me because I can personalize each corner of our home inviting us to relax more indoor. Obviously we can’t change anything on a rented property without the Landlord’s permission before. I got to deal with everyday’s eyesore of that little place we rented. It’s surely a big leap of change of us to move here. And yes, I’m so happy with this big blessing to us, our HOME.

Let me take you first to how I styled our living room. It was originally with a yellow green wallpaper before. It looked too dark and boring for me. So, I changed it to a white shiplap peel and stick wallpaper from Amazon. We’ve used at least eight rolls to complete the look. Here’s the link via Amazon.

The cutest model in the house.

My modern farmhouse vibe living room turned into reality

Next is the little upgrade I did to our coffee corner by putting a wall mounted hanger rack rail from Ebay for my coffee mugs. Here’s the link via Ebay. Mon installed it with no sweats. Happy wifey again here.

The before photo

and here’s the new better look. The mugs also came from Ebay which was a set of six. Whenever I am in the kitchen enjoying the freshy brewed coffee while staring at this beauty, all my stress for the day are wiped off. I love it so much.

Talking about coffee, I’ve recently ordered Pods from the Coffee shop via Amazon. I’m curious if it tastes nice just like the Costa pods we’re using now. This brand is a lot cheaper though compared to Costa. Once I’ve tried it, I’ll blog a review about my coffee pods brands for my Akynfullhouse.

Another home improvement we did is for our small toilet downstairs. I am always annoyed seeing the ugly flooring of the toilet everytime I use it. I made a promise to myself that this awful vinyl flooring will be changed before this month ends and viola, I made it. LOL.

This is how awful it looked like. Don’t you think it was so hideous?

We turned it into something classic and neat. Mon had to install it and do the right measurement to fit the square tiles to every corner. It was a bit of a hardwork but defintely worth it. Here’s the link via Amazon. The next project is to hide those pipes on the side. Never ending house beautification, isn’t it?

I also had thrifted some books last weekends for my decors. I’ve learned from few online influencers who are into decorating their homes that in buying a book for the purpose of displaying it, always look for the hardbound one. Ignore the Dan Brown because that’s for Mon’s reading material. Both the Desserts and the Dark Echo got a hard cover beneath the shiny paper.

These are how they look inside. For a pound and fifty for both, I can’t complain how pretty these are. I got so excited finding the brown and green because they are my favorite colors in the house.

How I styled the books in my kitchen.

Those are my recent achievement Pretty Mommas and I am so thrilled to do more. If you have some tips for home decors’ ways of styling just feel free to hit my inbox.

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