My Birthday Celebration

Every year has it’s own story to tell. This year might not be a great year for everyone, however, I am indeed truly grateful for all the blessings we got as a family. Still felt like I was just dreaming of having my family with me to spend every special occasion here but now, it got finally realized. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, Valentines and all events will be a jolly party with the three of us making memories for each. Thank you Lord. 🙏

Last year I did celebrate my birthday in London with my friend Jazz and I’m thankful for as it was my first travel to London. For this year I got no travel plans due to the pandemic but I’m equally excited because my boys are here now able to join me in welcoming a new chapter of my life.❤️

We did a do-it-your own little decoration and cooked our traditional birthday meals back home. Quite proud with the output of perfectly recreating my Mama’s dishes she used to prepare for us during birthdays.

My roasted chicken. Wohoo! I got it well done this time. If we were in Cebu we could just buy one readily cooked from our local lechon manok sellers apparently it’s not available here in my location so I got to learn how to make it.

My cheesy spaghetti for long life as what they say of preparing it during birthdays.

The all time family favorite macaroni salad.

I’ve ordered from one of my friend who knew a nurse baking a yummy carrot cake. It’s definitely a delicious one. Shame I don’t have her FB page to share it with you guys.

For the first time, Ive created a cheese board because of my madness to cheese. Got it from Tesco offering a pack of assorted cheese. All I got to do was to add some finger food into the platter.

We also tried this drink to complete the night. Tasted like a creamy drink with an alcohol kick.

Blowing of candle wasn’t the typical way. We bought a sparkler candle. An epic fail funny one because we didn’t know how to use it not until we got help from Mr. Google. Lesson learned: Know how to use it first before using one. LOL.

Photoshoot before dinner time with the love of my life.

Told my Akyn to take a quick photo before eating and the result was hilarious. I’ll have these shots printed for our photo collection.

Mon bought me loads of surpises this year. Thank you my Teddy. He knows my obsession to gym and flowers. Because of the pandemic I got to stop my gym membership because I can’t use it anyway. Starting now, I can just do my usual routine within the comfort of my home in my chosen time. The bouquet of flowers has been a routine gift from him.

Thank you Lord for another gift of life. For my family who would always let me feel the warmth of love. And to my friends especially in Cebu proving distance isn’t an excuse to forget friends close to our hearts.


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