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It took me a while before I finally posted this entry. I promised to myself that I am not going to post anything not unless my application for working in the UK as a registered nurse is successful. I’ve been waiting for this moment to finally say, I MADE IT TO GO TO THE UK.

My journey in applying as a registered nurse abroad wasn’t an easy experience at all. I had to submit myself to several examinations and the cost for each test wasn’t cheap. I really needed to save up to pay for them. No shopping, no luxury travel escapade, no to fancy restaurant. In short, I got to stop spending and had to urgently save money to pay for my exam fees.

IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System) was my first step towards my application. I had two options, whether to take it right away and book a date to take the exam or to enroll to an IELTS review center. I chose the latter.

I am confident I can understand the English language but what I would like to learn more are the technicalities of the exam which I could learn better when I am connected with a review center.

My friend who recently passed the test referred me to FEHAN UTEST REVIEW CENTER. The staff were accommodating and I never regretted having them as my guide to achieve a successful result.

Photo credit from Fehan UTEST Review

Their review fee cost for about Php4000 to Php5000. Most of the review centers for IELTS have more or less the same rate. This fee covers for one year review. Not bad, right? It’s a good deal! You have at least a year to master IELTS. The only challenge is how committed the student can afford in going to the review center to take the mock exam.

What skills are being evaluated in the IELTS?


I find this as the easiest part in the IELTS exam but still we can’t be complacent in taking this part for granted. I took the review seriously for me to get used to it. Several scenarios may come out for the listening test such as multiple choice for the correct words, fill in the blanks wherein you need to spell it correctly plus be careful with the tenses and whether the word is in its singular or plural form to be safe. For those students who aren’t exposed much in listening to English conversations, I would suggest to keep on practicing to some video clips in YouTube. It will get easier as you keep on listening to their English accent.


This was one of the part which I find so tricky. During the test, there will be three long topics that shall be given and you have an hour to read as well as answer the following questions about them. For Academic IELTS exam, the topics will be more about research, discoveries and scientific discussions. You need to be fast in reading with understanding to catch up with the time limit. Again, same advice I can give to the students, practice reading until your exam day comes and you will be amazed as it’s becoming easier to finish it.


One of the nerve-wracking experience during the IELTS exam. Fluency and understanding the questions are the keys to get a better score. When the examiner asks a question, students are expected to answer and elaborate a little about it. Answering yes and no directly to the question is a big No, No. How can the examiner gauge your skills if you wouldn’t allow them to listen to how you explain yourself?


If I will be asked which of the following IELTS exam part which I had so much difficulty mastering, that is going to be the writing exam. I’ve been writing this blog for quite some time now but why is it that I find writing so difficult? It’s because IELTS writing isn’t like blogging where I can write topics I can totally relate to. I find some of the questions asked difficult to explain for I may not have a solid experience to back up my argument about it.

Also, IELTS writing includes 2 parts. The 1st task is about describing a diagram, a process, a table, a map or even graphs. It requires the students to discuss some correlations about the figures provided not just merely describing what you can see on it. Sounds a bit complicated?

And now, the 2nd part is an argumentative essay. A question (can be anything under sun) will ask your opinion and shall require the students to defend their answers by providing a detailed explanation about it.

Honestly, I got so irritated during the first few weeks when I took the review. I didn’t meet the expectation I had set for myself. I was expecting to hit the mark right after a few tries. Too confident, ey? But this experience humbled me. It taught me to be patient and to put more effort if I would like to achieve something.

As days passed while getting the hang of writing IELTS exams, I finally got the techniques. To my surprise, my review center even awarded me as the best writer of the week and gave me this token.


Thank you FEHAN UTEST. I will cherish this award forever. I put so much dedication to my writing classes to hit the targeted score. Being awarded was already a bonus which I wasn’t expecting to receive.

To all Nurses who are about to take the English exam, strive harder and don’t loose hope. You’ll definitely see the results of your hard work at the end.

Psalm 128:2

You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.


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