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After finishing my painting projects for our new home, I’m finally sitting down now ready to update my Akynfullhouse with the latest house improvement I’ve done so far within a few weeks of stay here. Not even a month had passed but our house looked so much better every day. I’m so in love with our little lair not because it’s a new place for the three of us but mainly due to the fact that it’s OURS already. I can’t still get over it pretty Mommas. ♥️

Anyway, first thing I bought was the rug for our living room. I was thinking about getting a Moroccan traditional vintage olive green rug design but then I got hesitant that I might get tired of the color in the long run. So I opted instead to have the neutral color. Ordered mine from Bravich Ltd and got delivered in less than a week. Yay!

My cute model for every photo.

This is the Bravich Medallion Neutral Artistic Floral Cream Coloured Rug Classic Carpet Mat. Prices will differ depending on the size you wanted. We measured our living room first making sure the rug is wide enough to include our couch as they often say in the interior designing rule on choosing the correct size of your mat. The mat is so soft and a total luxury to our tired feet. I super love it.

Next is to put a wall art in my kitchen using a thrift find wooden hanging sign. Sorry to the bright red color lovers but I’m definitely not having one in my house. You’ve seen one of our bedrooms with a red wallpaper from the old owner and that’s something I really wanted to change in my future projects. 😅

Painted this with a white Rust-oleum chalk paint and used a stencil from Amazon.

Got a clear stamp vintage design for my borders also from Amazon and this is my final output with my adorable model again😂. The wooden looking clock is from Wilko.

This kitchen is seasoned with love.”

Few bits of my farmhouse decorations in my kitchen is now up. We got this lovely pig and we call him Oinky holding our tea bags. The wooden toolbox is from a thrift shop while Oinky came from carboot. I did the paint as well and the farm fresh sign using a stencil. Don’t they look amazing?

The top of my microwave decors were all vintage from a lady having her garage sale. I love antiques and anything old be it clothes, book or songs. Who likes the Carpenters? Meeeeee❤️

All my furniture deliveries arrived this week which means a non stop day for a crazy painter like me. I just couldn’t stop working knowing I still got jobs to do. This is my pretty hutch in rustic walnut. I decided not to change it. The wood color is so beautiful with no scratches or damages for me to touch it. They are all thrifted Mommas. I tried to check some new furniture but I can’t find the antique looking design I wanted to achieve in my house plus the prices are too steep for a frugal Momma like me.

Placed my lovely hutch in our Kitchen. Decorated it with either my thrifted finds or my antique decors I got from garage sales. It’s only the Mr and Mrs sign as the new one from Homebargains. Look how pretty my hutch is. ❤️ I so love her.

The white coffee table is a real steal for me as I don’t need to paint it, too. It’s already coated with white chalk paint. All I had to do was to seal the paint with Rust-oleum lacquer. Mon wanted to keep the bedside table on his office room to store his work tools.

The wooden leaf is stained with walnut wood stain from Wilko.

The framed dried flowers are from my birthday flower bouquet gifted from Mon. That’s my first ever attempt in framing dried flowers. Not bad for a first timer, isn’t it?

My next project is to decorate my TV console table. I’ll blog it once I’m done with it

My obsession towards this home improvement projects would be never-ending. This is just the start of our colorful happy attempt interior designing experience with our cutest Akyn inspiring us everyday. Welcome to our Farmhouse themed house step by step decoration journey.


  1. These are such creative ideas. I am actually moving soon. I needed some ideas

    1. Thank you. ♥️ Best of luck to your house moving. ❤️

  2. Everything looks so good! Good job!

    1. Thank you

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