Our Christmassy Home

We know when it’s almost Christmas because it’s getting colder and colder everyday. It’s like a snuggle time of the year under our thick blanket in front of the delightful fireplace. Who wouldn’t want to stay at home at the perfect comfort of our home? 😂

My home buddy.

Anyway, how’s your Christmas decoration at home going? Are you almost finished with everything? I guess mine would be quite alright now. Although, I’m still adding some bits and bobs everytime I see something cute when we go shopping. Nothing really much I planned to change anymore with how things are looking at the moment .

For this year, I haven’t decorated our entire house to match the Christmas theme. I only did accessorize our living room. It’s a farmhouse vibe when you come and enter our house but once you stepped in to our living room, it’s like you’ve been brought to the Christmas world. 🎅

My welcoming living room door. My wreath and door handle decor both came from B&M while my red floor rug was on sale from B&Q.

Most of my ornaments where bought from last year which means I don’t need to spend much for this year. Just a tip Mommas if you plan to buy something that you think you’ll gonna use it for so many years, choose the durable ones regardles if it’s pricey, so then there’s no need to change often and ending up spending more. 😬

Let’s have a little peek to my pretty hideout.😉 I placed our prelit garland in our living room window with our three Christmas stockings attached to it. The greenery matched with my wall art leaves frame. I super love this corner.

When we went to the Range store, I found this cute throw pillow with embroidered message of a happy Christmas. I love it because it stands out from the rest of my neutral colored throw pillows I normally use. Red is the color for this season.

This red and green colored vase was a gift to me. I was originally thinking of changing its color when I got it as red and green combo is not really my taste but then I’ve just realized that this color is so perfect for Christmas. My elf foot has now a place to stay.

And this is the whole view of my TV console area. Simple yet tidy.

My Akyn insisted of having an Advent calendar so he can do his own countdown of the days before Christmas. He never forgets every morning to check the calendar pockets and excitedly count the remaining days until the 25th.

The most beautiful holiday decor is of course, our Christmas tree. We got it from Amazon last year as well. I’m obsessed with adding more ornaments into it every shopping escapade we do. I’ve always wanted to have a tall and big tree and here she is, beautifully standing in front of us. 🎄

The last but not the least piece I will share to you is my birthday gift I’ve received from Mon. My retro record player. It can play Vinyls, CDs, Cassettes, FM Radio with SD slot, too.

Mon helped me looked for some vintage Vinyl records to play at home. That thrifting trip also gave me the chance to thrift an orginal CD of my favorite singers, The Carpenters. We also made sure to get Christmas Vinyl to play during Christmas eve. I’m extremely happy with my present.

Christmas is just few days away lovely Mommas. I hope you’re all doing well while waiting for the most wonderful day of the year. Just don’t get too stressed out in making sure everything is all done like everyone else. Don’t forget to enjoy every bit of the typical busy day as pretty Mommas instead.

Be glad, be jolly. Happy Christmas.


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